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One-Liner Wednesday No Regrets

Taken from my informative daily newsletter 1440 Daily Digest:

It’s better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret!-Jackie Joyner-Kersee


This quote is brought to you by the lovely Linda G Hill and her One-Liner Wednesday Challenge. Join in the fun with her challenge by following the rules found here:


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Unlike SoCS, this is not a prompt so there’s no need to stick to the same “theme.”

The rules that I’ve made for myself (but don’t always follow) for “One-Liner Wednesday” are:

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One-Liner Wednesday
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WOD Challenge-08-09-19-Delicate-Faceplant

Warning, this post may not be for the squeamish


Word of the Day Challenge

Well folks, I got a call early this morning from my brother. My phone was in the living room and I had gone back to sleep once my husband got off to work. I worry about my Dad all the time, so something told me to get up and go see who the call was from.

Sure enough, it was my brother calling to say my Dad fell and cut his face in a couple of spots. After talking to him and then my son Sean who lives with Dad, I ascertained he did a face plant trying to get out of bed, cutting the delicate skin on his face. Sean said there was so much blood it scared the crap out of him.

I knew I would have felt the same and freaked out a bit, yet I assured him the face or head always bleeds profusely when cut. I made sure he was not dizzy, did not need stitches, and asked if they had butterfly stitches at the house. Mom used to need those a lot, she fell and/or bled from her dialysis arm frequently, and they used to keep something on hand for that. But you know how guys look for stuff.

Kevin, my brother, had to go out of town this morning, so he went to check on him first, he put a couple of regular bandaids on him since the bleeding had stopped. I called Sean next to get the whole story and he was pretty shaken but I calmed him down. He said he was wearing white and somehow didn’t get a drop of blood on himself, even after helping Dad up, cleaning up and everything. Dad, he said, was dressed and eating yogurt in the living room when I called. No wonder I call him “tough guy” 😉😊

I debated whether to show you the picture Kevin sent, however, you might need a visual. To me, it looks more like he hit the table first. Sean says Dad said no…what do y’all think?

Gus, after falling this morning

I think he just didn’t want to go to the hospital. As long as he isn’t dizzy or nauseous, he should be fine…however, I will have Sean come get me in a little while so I can go visit him myself and make sure he’s good. Sorry for the rough pic, I just wanted a second opinion to ease my mind.

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I’ve been brooding the last few hours trying to decide whether to write today or take the day off in favor of artistic ventures. Let me just say, art won out.

I know they say in order to be a great writer, one should write every day. Well, consider this post my daily contribution, cause I haven’t been on the mood at all today.

Is this a problem? Should I berate myself for taking a day off, kind of a mental health day if you will? Why is it that when I decide to do my Diamond art painting and listen to my audiobook for a couple of hours, I feel so guilty? What if I also want to color, yet I hold myself back, once again feeling guilty? I mean, it’s not like all the writing I’ve done thus far has brought in any income, so why feel guilty for skipping a day?

I guess I’ve become brainwashed to think I’ll never get anywhere if I don’t write something every day.

I let it go today, choosing to do all the above and take in a movie after lunch. I caught up on emails, answered blogs, looked at places to submit work I’ve done that’s been rejected…I think I deserve a day off. Maybe I’m just in a bad mood, or my creativity wanted a different outlet today. I just hope the writing police don’t come after me. 😉

Have a good weekend everyone!