Rejection, A Horror Story

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I was working at my desk late one night

Across my email came a dreadful sight

“Rejected Again!” The nasty thing said, 

Actually, “We regret to inform you” instead

I hung my head in utter shame, 

Outside the wind howled in the driving rain.

Lightening struck and thunder shook,

How will I ever write a book?

I thought as I pondered the cause

Number ten rejection I believe this was,

A blow to my ego, simply because

I’ve been trying so hard, has my talent fled?

Have I never had it at all

My conscious said.

This was just an essay, I’ve penned many of those

It shouldn’t have failed, not exactly prose.

If I can’t pass this easy test

No way I’ll ever become the best

At writing a book or a novel so well

All these rejections have put me through Hell.

Again and again, how much can one take?

This last one I got really took the cake.

An emotional story about my mother, 

Rejected, just like all of the others.

Outside the storm continued to rage, 

As I sat there in my four walled cage.

The room where the “magic” is supposed to happen

Nothing like that, just another rejection.

I erased the email so fast I forgot

Just which pub this letter was from, it mattered not

I was about to get numb

To this feeling I thought as I put it to bed

And off I went to search my head

There must be an answer or clue I am missing, 

Suddenly my husband I was kissing, 

He told me it would surely get better

Next time I’d get an acceptance letter

“You really think so,” I asked through my tears

“Of course, you’ve been writing for all of these years!”

He said and I calmed for just the time being.

Inside I was really falling apart

These editors have stuck a knife in my heart, 

They are all monsters I thought with a start.

They’re out to get me, that’s the truth of it, 

Now I was so mad I could spit. 

No way will they make this writer quit.

In the morning I’ll start with a tale to regale,

It will be great, my ship has not sailed. 

So I set about writing a most epic story, 

Soon I thought maybe I’ll see all the glory.

I worked night and day and I sent the thing off

Surely the editors this time will not scoff.

Instead of fresh hell this one will be heaven, 

Yet about one month later, came number eleven. 


Thanks for reading, this is in response to the Word of the Day Challenge-Rejection


4 thoughts on “WOD-07-27-19-Rejection

  1. Oh, we have all been there. The ego-destroying rejection letter. But that was a fantastic poem, it rolled on and on like a long-distance train, it portrayed all those years of writing in vain. But it’s never in vain, for every word written is another one nearer to acceptance. Says me. 🙂

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