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JusJoJan & WOD 01-19-21 City

I once went into the city
To get some shoes-they were pretty
Winklepickers they were though
Made my feet sore, you might know
Too pointy, and also itty bitty!


Ha! This silly limerick was brought to you by Linda G Hill‘s JusJoJan prompt and Melanie B Cee’s Word of the Day prompt!

Word of the Day Challenge

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Merry Christmas-Word of the Day Challenge

Let’s make them bells jingle

With guests, let us mingle

Kiss me under the mistletoe

And sit by the fireplace, warm with it’s glow

Let us dine together as family

Forget the gifts and just be

Happy in each other’s presence

Our fellowship is the best of presents.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in case I don’t blog again for a while. I appreciate you all for hanging with me!

Word of the Day Challenge
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Dangerous Dunes-CCC #109

Dangerous Dunes

Along our walk in the dangerous dunes
We came upon a site
An old car flipped on it’s head in the sand
That ride must have been a fright!

The hull was rusty, the pieces all askew
We could see it had been there a while
Perhaps he’d been racing like a madman
I bet this sure cramped his style!


I hope you liked my response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #109! 

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WOD Challenge-09-01-20-Omnilegent

Studious Girl

There once was a girl so omnilegent

She knew only what words that she read meant

Back to grammar she went

With her tiny head bent

And now she’s an author-so magnificent!


Word of the Day Challenge