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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #93-Tight Spaces

Tight Spaces The alleyway was just too narrow, Barely enough rom for a sparrow The thief he did come though, Yet being rotund so, Got caught before stealing the wheelbarrow!   This silly response is to Christina's fun prompt for CCC#93 Crimson’s Creative Challenge #93 by crispina kemp CCC 93 Welcome to my weekly challenge—open… Continue reading Crimson’s Creative Challenge #93-Tight Spaces


Obliterate Me

Obliterate Me The memory of your careless touch Makes me hate you ever so much You just took me with no regard Obliterated me and my heart Left the next day no goodbye Never saw the tears I cry So you can die for all I care Like ashes floating in the air I hope… Continue reading Obliterate Me


Morning Light

Morning Light Golden light meets rippling horizon Pink sky with grey clouds threatening Only to dissipate later in the afternoon Fishing will be spectacular today I sip my coffee and plan my route Heading east, toward the oil rigs Snapper waits in the murky depths For my bait and future dinner plate Yet until then,… Continue reading Morning Light