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Multi-Prompt Post 11-20-21

Our SoCS prompt today is: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “black, gray, and white.”Use one, use ’em all. Bonus points if you use all three. Have fun!

Visiting Day

Photo credit: Unsplash

Gray was his hair, white was his face

Black was my mood

When I left the place

“What are they doing?

Why’s he so tired?

Are they treating him nicely

Or should they all be fired?”

He wasn’t at all agile,

As they assisted him to the chair

It was as if it would’ve been easier

Just to carry him there.

How hard to leave

Knowing he knows not why,

Its no wonder then

I go home and cry.

Sleep is restless and food not so good

Is it any wonder I’m not in the holiday mood?

My mantra today is God is in control

I fervently pray that He saves my soul.

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#CCC155 & Other Challenges 10-27-21 The Ferris Wheel

Walking to the Midway at the carnival this night

Looking overhead at the moon so big and bright

Restless on the way to ride the Ferris wheel of fright

A barker hollers, “Come and play” catching us in flight

We stop in our tracks to try our luck but all of us did fail

Caring not, we run ahead and catch the crowded trail

Getting on at last, we begin the exciting ride to the sky

A better look upon the moon is pleasing to our eye.

It’s what we came for actually

To get the ultimate glance

Because as kids, we realize

This is our very best chance

We have no telescopic lens and

Our stature is so short

To see the moon atop this ride

Was our only vantage point.

And so we saw it, just in time

As wispy clouds moved in

Just as the ride ended

It was covered up again.

So if you’re just a kid like us

And want to see the sight

Of the moon on a clear yet

Somewhat cloudy, spooky, fun-filled night

Go to a carnival or fair

And catch the Ferris wheel

From there you’ll get your wish tonight

It’s really your best deal.

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W.O.T.D. 10-19-21 Witches Brew

The witch whipped up an incantation

As mist rose for the celebration

Stirring the pot, she cast her spell

Damning her enemies

Straight to Hell

The sky grew dark

And lightening sparkled

Thunder crashed

Rain was marked

Soaking the witch

And making her cackle

More witches came

Enforcing the battle

Together they chanted

As the storm raged on

And when it was done

All their enemies were gone.

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W.O.T.D. & Halloween Challenges 10-15-21 What a Grisly Scene!

On a spooky night, the ghouls came out

To celebrate Halloween

Their eyes popped out

When they came about

A dreadfully grisly scene!

The bottom floor they visited was dark

The door had been left ajar

But when they entered

Screams let loose

To find the scene thus far

A body chained was on the floor

Its head no longer there

The clothes were ripped

From what they thought

Could possibly be a bear

It was no bear, the policeman said

That caused the horrific sight

A werewolf had been seen they said

Running into the night.

The kids just stared, their mouths agape

Disbelieving every word

Yet as they left, the goosebumps broke

As more howling could be heard

Pairing off, they ran for home

Before it could come get them

And since that night, they’ve never entered

Another dark house on a whim.