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I’ve been brooding the last few hours trying to decide whether to write today or take the day off in favor of artistic ventures. Let me just say, art won out.

I know they say in order to be a great writer, one should write every day. Well, consider this post my daily contribution, cause I haven’t been on the mood at all today.

Is this a problem? Should I berate myself for taking a day off, kind of a mental health day if you will? Why is it that when I decide to do my Diamond art painting and listen to my audiobook for a couple of hours, I feel so guilty? What if I also want to color, yet I hold myself back, once again feeling guilty? I mean, it’s not like all the writing I’ve done thus far has brought in any income, so why feel guilty for skipping a day?

I guess I’ve become brainwashed to think I’ll never get anywhere if I don’t write something every day.

I let it go today, choosing to do all the above and take in a movie after lunch. I caught up on emails, answered blogs, looked at places to submit work I’ve done that’s been rejected…I think I deserve a day off. Maybe I’m just in a bad mood, or my creativity wanted a different outlet today. I just hope the writing police don’t come after me. 😉

Have a good weekend everyone!


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