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Weekend Writing Prompt-Antipathy

Ok, I know the weekend is over, but Dave is off and it still feels like the weekend to me! So, I am going to participate in the challenge shared by Mathew (Blog of the Wolf Boy) who got it from Sammi Scribbles-this weekend’s prompt is Antipathy.

Antipathy is defined as a deep-seated dislike or aversion to something or someone. Since I can’t come up with anyone I feel that way about, my answer will be aimed at the animal kingdom. Here goes:

Wasp, hornet, some kind of flying, stinging insect


You fly and you sting

On paper thin wings

Summer haunter, thing I  hate

Conjurer of visions so painful to relate

My brother screaming from your attack

Spraying poison; PAYBACK!



That was hard to put into only 30 words, but that was the challenge. Hope you enjoyed it. We have had a bad summer this year, fighting those nasty things. I’d love to know God’s purpose for making such an evil insect!



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