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Whiskey Got a Haircut

Word of the Day Challenge

I had to take action! The time had come when I was fed up with Hubby or me having to bath the dog every time she did her business! She was simply too long, the groomer costs too much, I had had it up to here! (imagine me drawing the line across my throat)

So, being in the state I’m in, (unable to sit on the floor for two hours), and for both of our wellbeing, I simply threw a large beach blanket across my pool table, pulled up a barstool, put Whiskey on the table and went to town on her! The process took about an hour and a half, both of us finished tired and sweaty, but by gum, she looks so much better!

Whiskey before but she was even longer than this photo!

Impromptu cutting station
Look at all that hair!

Embarrassed but cooler I’m sure

Whiskey in front, Brandy in the back (she got groomed after I butchered her 🤣)

I had previously trimmed Brandy about two weeks ago or more, then had to have her groomed anyway due to all the mats. Both are looking much better now, more suited to the Texas heat!

I think I’m getting pretty good at this what are y’all think? I don’t even think she needs to go to the groomer! (Talking about Whiskey now)

We’ll have to see what Daddy thinks. 😊


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