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WOD Challenge-08-25-19-Friendship

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A Love Letter to All of My Close Friends

What does friendship mean to you?

For me, friends are people who have your back, laugh at your lame (or not) jokes, come to your rescue during the bad times, and simply like hanging with you, even if they could be somewhere else.

Sadly, I have not always been that friend. But MY close friends (and they know who they are) have been. When I lost my mom, they were here. When I’ve had surgeries, they have offered to help, or come and spent time with me, brought me presents, comforts, when their presence would have been plenty. I feel awful that when my very best friend since childhood lost her mom, I was not there. (I did visit her before she passed though) I feel I let her down, though she has never said that. There have been other times, other circumstances that I feel I could have done more, yet for some reason, I did not. I hope she forgives me, and I will always appreciate her for her continued friendship.

I think of my friends often, two of whom live a ways away from me, call when the time grows too long between visits, and I can only hope they feel the same way about me as I do about them. Many of you have met some of my friends through this very blog, so I won’t post pictures here, but I just want my friends to know, how much I love you, appreciate your constant support, and hope that we stay friends til the end. 🙂





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