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WOD Challenge-08-26-19-Nearly

Word of the Day Challenge

Well, it’s been a busy morning so far, how is your Monday going?

We enjoyed a family get together and dinner yesterday and I nearly forgot to take photos, proving I actually had company over. 😉

My dad Gus, see how nice his face has healed up?

Dave’s brother Bubba-Yea, he’s home from his year-long job in Houston!


I did though, and managed to get a couple of shots of unsuspecting dudes, Bubba and my dad, Gus-then a nice shot with Connie, my sister-in-law and Bubba’s son Stephen with his girlfriend Casey. They are such a cute couple. They recently got an apartment together and I know they will enjoy having more space than the efficiency apartment Stephen had before.

Connie, Stephen, and Casey

Our dinner was put together by my hubby Dave, and brother-in-law, Bubba. He made a smoked pork butt, and Dave made melt-in-your-mouth ribs and sausages. Connie made her famous strawberry, spinach, and feta salad (it has lots more in it than that) and Dave took a short cut and bought beans and potato salad from Sam’s. It was all delicious, leaving me feeling way too full to cheat with the Lemon Streusel cake Connie brought. I heard it was good though. 😉

Today I have been working on week two of a class I’m taking called Learning How To Learn. This week we are learning about Chunks or chunking. Chunks are pieces of information that are bound together through use and often through meaning. Chunks are best built with focused attention, understanding, and practice. Last week we learned about focus and diffuse areas of the brain and how to learn material in he best way, by practice and repetition. This week’s lesson said while that is true, you don’t want to overlearn the same material in a single session, or you won’t likely retain it to memory. The best way to learn they said was to use a Pomodoro technique and focus intently for 25 minutes, then take a break, go for a walk, do something completely different and relaxing before returning to your study.

The Pomodoro Technique

I think sometimes that I may be addicted to learning!  🙂

My goals for today besides blogging, getting my 30 minute lesson done (check), and finishing a story for The First Line (check), were also to do some Diamond Art Painting and maybe even coloring some more on my latest coloring page I’m working on for Linda G Hill’s Escapist Coloring Club. It takes me so long to blog, get through emails, and write all the things I need to that crafts fall onto the back burner sometimes. It’s ok, I have all week!

I’m back on my ketones, which gives me focus and energy to get all my goals accomplished! (They also help me maintain my weight, even if I have a cheat here and there)

Oh, I had to take a break and retrieve my first Brandless box!!! I’m so excited! Haven’t heard of Brandless? It’s a box subscription service where you buy items for the house like groceries and beauty products, even pet products, at an inexpensive price because there’s no brand associated. For example, one of the items I chose was a bag of dog treats for $3! Or another was coconut oil for $3! How about dishwasher pods? $3 and I decided to make that one a monthly delivery. That way I never run out! There is so much more too, like paper products, kitchen utensils, notebooks and stationary…check it out, you won’t be disappointed. And, if you decide to join, when you place an order, 3 meals are donated to feed the homeless through their partnership with Feeding America!!! Also, ask me how you and I can both earn $6! Just place your order using my special link: and you and I will both get $6 off our first order!!

My first Brandless box

Just a quick reminder for those who didn’t see my announcement last week-It is time again to start my fundraising efforts for the PKD Walk and if you would like to donate to my “team” it would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂

Here is the link to do that:

If that does not work, or you can’t find my team after searching for me under Kim Smyth, let me know and I’ll as my event coordinator if that was the wrong link.

Thank you in advance and have a spectacular Monday everyone! 🙂






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