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I Need Coffee…and Food!

Morning everyone!

I guess its a good thing I’m keto-adapted, but at the same time, I’m missing my coffee waiting on the dang Dr. office to open so I can ask them if the labs I had for my physical 2 weeks ago will do for his appointment. If not, I have to go get labs, so in the meantime, I’m fasting which means n coffee or food!! I have an appointment with my kidney Dr. for a checkup next week, and he always makes me have labs.

My knee with stitches

Stitches gone, scabs to heal up soon

Later, around 10:30, I’m getting my stitches out! Yay! Dave wasn’t going to take me, but he just called and said he would. 🙂 I love that man-O-mine! However, if I end up having to drive to the lab, I can drive myself to the knee Dr. so I may call him back and tell him it’s cool.

I really can do without the food, but I NEED my coffee, lol!


On a totally unrelated subject, can I vent with y’all about something??

I have been having lots of trouble lately, trying to find my place on Medium, and the other day, a new publication opened up that I thought would be a perfect fit. I read through lots of the posts to familiarize myself-like you’re supposed to do-and commented and liked lots of their work.

Then I submitted my first piece after reviewing the submission process, emailed it to the editor for her approval…and was rejected! She said I came across as intrusive because I liked so many comments and posts, but I explained to her that I was enthusiastic, excited to find a good fit for my writing that I just wanted to show them that I liked it and what they were all about. She made me feel like a stalker or someting.

For those of you who don’t know how Medium works, there’s a lot that goes into it, it is hard to get your work seen, it relies on algorithms, claps, and follows, so I’ve been working really hard to figure out a best fit among the 1000’s of publications on the platform.

The reason I’ve been so adamant about getting on Medium is because it’s a way to earn a little money for my writing, and have another place to express myself and put more of my personal story. This particular publication would have been a great fit, a lighter, more humorous place to share my stories, and I was shot down before I ever had a chance. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.

On a brighter note, I received a maybe from a publication I sent one of my short stories to! Yea! I’m so tired of rejection after rejection. This gives me hope, pray it turns out good. And, thanks y’all, for letting me vent to you. I consider you all like part of my family and I value your input.


So Dave came to take me to the dr after all, he had another appointment at two, so he took the rest of the day off and then tonite is our usual “date” night, which I always look forward to. Stitches are out, pt needs to be scheduled, so I’m on to the work of getting stronger and more back to normal. Pray it stays that way please! I’ve had enough “fun” to last me two years!!

PS-I finally got my coffee 🤣




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