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WOD Challenge-Reminded-08-19-20

Where has this month gone???

After yesterday’s visit to the vet with both pups, I didn’t have to be reminded to give them their meds!

Poor Whiskey has an eye infection (looks much better today) and Brandy has a rash covering her entire body. She got a shot and some antibiotics, and Whiskey got some ointment to be applied twice a day til her eye clears up. What caused all this? We thought they caught something at the groomers, but then realized that Brandy had to be taken in at the very same time last year for the exact same thing!! So it must be an allergy to something that blooms in the grass this time of year, or something else to do with the yard. She has very sensitive skin anyway, once she had the same thing happen when a different groomer changed the kind of shampoo she used on her. That one resulted in a very expensive vet bill, so I changed groomers after that.

We love our fur babies, but taking care of them is like raising kids, very costly! Still, we have to do it to keep them healthy and happy!


On a different subject, no one answered my question about the reader so am I to assume that we cannot see our own work show up in the reader?


One more thing before I leave you, dear readers. We (me and other writes there) have just discovered that Medium (click to read their new terms of service) is not playing fair and is possibly stealing our work, so some of us are considering leaving the platform. I’m not sure what we are going to do in the interim, but stay tuned! Just like Facebook (which I am on a hiatus from currently) and Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), they have become too powerful and greedy, so I’m done with all of them. Maybe the answer is to launch a new platform. Maybe I just move all my writings from Medium here, or change my keto blog to a writing blog I can monetize…who knows. One thing is for sure, I will miss Medium and all my favorite publications I was writing on, so something has to be done. We are putting on our creative thinking caps and I’ll keep you posted!

Since I am no longer on Facebook (well, I am but I’m not “liking” or commenting right now), you can always email, text, or message me. Or call me! Or of course, keep up with me here on the blog(s).

Feliz Mercoles everyone!!


WOD Challenge 5-1-20 Yes, It’s May!

Heck Yeah!

As my kids like to say, I’m glad to see that April is behind us and that yes, we made it to May 1st! What a strange and dismal month April was, I’m hoping we are getting closer to getting back to business, if you will. I feel the winds of change coming, I hope it’s a change for the good!

I rearranged my patio furniture yesterday to better suit my needs, I have to say, I’m very happy with the new arrangement. I made a little video and I’ll try to find a before pic so you can see the changes. Sometimes that’s all we need is a small change in our environment or routine to boost our spirits. Mine are so much better now. After cleaning off the glass-topped coffee table out there, I sat and tried to enjoy the morning with my coffee and did my Spanish lessons. It was nice and cool and very pleasant, except for all the noise from nearby construction on Glenview Dr. and all the yard work being done…blowers, mowers, interrupted the peace. Tonight may be better for enjoying the patio!

The new arrangement of my patio-looks like the video didn’t load 😔

The chair under the tv is broken, so I wanted it against the wall so no one will get hurt in it. Previously, that was the spot for the pool supplies box, which I moved but you can’t see where in the picture. I don’t know why the video didn’t come up in the editor, oh well, maybe later I’ll take another. Now, with this arrangement, more people can comfortably watch the tv or visit with each other. I’m happy with it, even if the picture here is a bad representation. I wish that video had come through…I may try another tact. Maybe I can download it from the iPad.

Nope! Could not figure it out, so I will put it on my Instagram and you may be able to check it out there. 😉 PS-the ashtray on the table is for guests, we don’t smoke! (anymore) 😉

My stats on Medium were good this month and I’m really enjoying doing these weekly stories for The Friday Fix by Justin Deming. If you haven’t already done so, please check some of them out, I’m very pleased with the responses and claps they are getting. Plus, the prompts he gives us make us really stretch the ole creative muscle, this last couple of prompts have been interactive, where we have to get up and go find something around the house to use in our stories. Last week, it was the 5th book to the left on our bookshelves…I’ll let you go check out my story to see how I answered that one. Maybe you can submit your own story if you wish, just check out the submissions policy and follow the rules. Make yourself an account on Medium first so that your stories might earn a few pennies, it’s a fun challenge especially when you know there is a small reward involved!

I’ll leave you with a popular Yes song that I liked back in the day, listen to Roundabout and see if you remember. Feliz Viernes amigos!

(Happy Friday, friends!)


I picked one from the 2017 Rock Hall Inductees performance of it.


Word of the Day Challenge



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WOD Challenge 1-11-20 Scheme

Good morning!

Andrew Neil for Unsplash

I have been writing daily since the beginning of the year thanks to Linda G Hill and her JusJoJan prompts inspired me so much. The results have been amazing! I have met some new and wonderful bloggers, further developed my writing habit and stretched my creative muscles a bit, written more on other blogs and publications, seen my following grow, and so much more. She had no idea how much her simple prompt would affect me and possibly other bloggers wanting a fresh start to the new year!

My goal (since I don’t really do New Year resolutions too well) was to scheme my way into earning a paycheck with my writing. Blogging is a way of networking after all, so it may open some doors that have been closed to me by simply getting more involved. Writing takes me out of myself and helps me focus on others, their lives, their needs, and maybe even teaches me something new.

The other positive thing that has happened is on Medium. I have tried to do the same thing there by publishing a poem a week, or a story on one of the many publications I have to choose from and wow! My participation has earned me lots of new followers and my stats were way up for this month already! Now, I won’t be able to pay the bills from what I earn on Medium unless I write exclusively there, but my network of people is growing and I am pleased as punch about that!

All of this is keeping me really busy, which is a good thing, and maybe my family will start to believe and support my writing more if I treat it like it’s my livelihood and not just a hobby. That’s not to say I’m going to start trying to monetize this blog, because I’m not. This is my happy place, where I can say what I want among friends. I can be creative and relaxed, just tell you a story or what is happened to me that day. I don’t want this blog to become a source of stress…it’s a place to put my words on a page, hence the name.

I just wanted to give a shout out to Linda for being my inspiration this year, helping me grow in so many ways! Thanks again Linda! Thanks also to Kristian and Cyranny for their WOD challenge prompts which I try to do daily if not several times a week!


Word of the Day Challenge

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I Need Coffee…and Food!

Morning everyone!

I guess its a good thing I’m keto-adapted, but at the same time, I’m missing my coffee waiting on the dang Dr. office to open so I can ask them if the labs I had for my physical 2 weeks ago will do for his appointment. If not, I have to go get labs, so in the meantime, I’m fasting which means n coffee or food!! I have an appointment with my kidney Dr. for a checkup next week, and he always makes me have labs.

My knee with stitches

Stitches gone, scabs to heal up soon

Later, around 10:30, I’m getting my stitches out! Yay! Dave wasn’t going to take me, but he just called and said he would. 🙂 I love that man-O-mine! However, if I end up having to drive to the lab, I can drive myself to the knee Dr. so I may call him back and tell him it’s cool.

I really can do without the food, but I NEED my coffee, lol!


On a totally unrelated subject, can I vent with y’all about something??

I have been having lots of trouble lately, trying to find my place on Medium, and the other day, a new publication opened up that I thought would be a perfect fit. I read through lots of the posts to familiarize myself-like you’re supposed to do-and commented and liked lots of their work.

Then I submitted my first piece after reviewing the submission process, emailed it to the editor for her approval…and was rejected! She said I came across as intrusive because I liked so many comments and posts, but I explained to her that I was enthusiastic, excited to find a good fit for my writing that I just wanted to show them that I liked it and what they were all about. She made me feel like a stalker or someting.

For those of you who don’t know how Medium works, there’s a lot that goes into it, it is hard to get your work seen, it relies on algorithms, claps, and follows, so I’ve been working really hard to figure out a best fit among the 1000’s of publications on the platform.

The reason I’ve been so adamant about getting on Medium is because it’s a way to earn a little money for my writing, and have another place to express myself and put more of my personal story. This particular publication would have been a great fit, a lighter, more humorous place to share my stories, and I was shot down before I ever had a chance. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.

On a brighter note, I received a maybe from a publication I sent one of my short stories to! Yea! I’m so tired of rejection after rejection. This gives me hope, pray it turns out good. And, thanks y’all, for letting me vent to you. I consider you all like part of my family and I value your input.


So Dave came to take me to the dr after all, he had another appointment at two, so he took the rest of the day off and then tonite is our usual “date” night, which I always look forward to. Stitches are out, pt needs to be scheduled, so I’m on to the work of getting stronger and more back to normal. Pray it stays that way please! I’ve had enough “fun” to last me two years!!

PS-I finally got my coffee 🤣



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Bloggers Need Feedback

Good morning everyone, actually, its fast approaching afternoon. We are finally getting some rain, thanks be to God!!

I want to ask a quick question of all my wonderful readers/followers/audience-however you identify.

Why, for the love of chocolate, won’t you give a girl some feedback? I promise you won’t hurt my feelings.

A few days ago, I posted “While I’m Away” and asked for feedback on the story I included called “Toasted” and no one said a word. Crickets. Which is why I have not set anymore stories to post. Us bloggers need to hear what you all think, so we know if like it, want more, hate it, would rather watch paint dry…you get what I’m saying, right?

I know I’m not the only one who has asked for feedback, and I try to provide it to other bloggers where time permits, but surely out of the 17 people that “liked” the post, one would have some comment or opinion to share. However, no one did.

I’m going to try again, a fellow blogger has been kind enough to show me how to schedule posts, but first I have to figure out how to get the stories from Medium to here to post them each day next week. Wish me luck, if I’m successful, you should see a new story to critique each day.

The other reason feedback is important is so we know what to do to improve. If I am not a good storyteller, I’d rather find that out now so I put my energy elsewhere, or go take a creative writing class, whatever! So do me a favor and please let me know what you think. A like just means you saw and possibly read the post, which is important…don’t get me wrong, but feedback is gold!

Ok, enough of this piffle, back to work! See what I did there? 😉

Thank you in advance! Y’all have a wonderful week and I’ll be checking in from the beach!