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WOD Challenge-10-20-19-Anniversary

Word of the Day Challenge

Afternoon everyone, I am excited because this coming weekend we are going to my cousin’s house in Austin to celebrate my Dad’s birthday (which is tomorrow) and her wedding anniversary.

My dad Gus at my house one Sunday-I live 5 minutes away


I’m sure even though it’s a celebration for her as well, she will cook up a storm and be running around like a crazy person. As for me, I am just a bit nervous at the prospect since Dad hasn’t been out of town in a long while and older people are sometimes uncomfortable when taken out of their comfort zones. He may decide during the week he doesn’t want to go….I did tell him I would gladly help him pack, so he has everything he may need with him.

Last night his power went out and he was alone. He texted my brother “help” so he went and got him and took him to his house. Dad wouldn’t stay, preferring to go home when the lights were due to come back on, which was about 11 pm. So my brother took him home.

Austin is about 4 hours from where we live. Marie is sweet to offer this, but I hope she is understanding if Dad has a change of heart. He will be 85 tomorrow, he has some challenges, but nothing we can’t deal with. I hope he is able to go, relax, and have a good time.

I’m just going to pray about it and whatever God wills is what will happen. 🙂


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