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W.O.T.D. 11-14-21 Festivity

A better day with Dad

Dad and myself at the facIlity, watching the Cowboys.

Before the festivity that is family dinner and football, I went up to the facility to visit with Dad a while, and we watched the blowout that the Cowboy game was. I took him some Pure Protein bars and he ate half of one and a few sips of Gatorade 0. Since I knew he’d only eaten about a fourth of his lunch, that made me happy. He looked so much better today than he did on Friday night. I just had to take a selfie, but I couldn’t get him to take the toothpick out of his mouth for the picture, lol, Me and my short arms are not good at selfies anyway.

One they laid him down for a nap, I waited a while and then left him a note and went on home. He catnaps usually, but was sleeping pretty good, so I put his mat down to keep him safe if he happens to try to get up, alerted the nurse I was leaving, and that he also had protein drinks in the fridge if he didn’t eat much for dinner. He had his call light, and his remote next to him on the bed. I always feel bad leaving when he’s asleep, because he wakes up conf sometimes. I hope the note calmed him enough. Kevin was going to go by later, but did not feel well.

coming home I felt positive for the first time in a while, and therefore, I was able to relax and enjoy dinner and have fun with my family. Sean was the only no-show, but he is house hunting, so I understood. It was all football til Dave went to bed, so I got to see the end of the Adele special, and now I’m going to watch CSI Vegas and go to bed. 🤗🥳🥱

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WOD Challenge-10-28-19-Jagged

Word of the Day Challenge

A Visit With Family

Marie’s famous gumbo

It’s crazy to me to think how a connection with a family member you never expected to make can affect you in such a profound way.

This past weekend my brother Kevin and I took my dad to visit his niece Marie and her family in Austin to celebrate his 85th birthday and her 34th Anniversary. Upon arrival, her son Anthony and his fiancé met us at the car and helped us bring our luggage into the house where Marie was (as always) preparing something in the kitchen for us to eat.

I vaguely remembered meeting Anthony at one other time in my whole life. He seemed like a nice kid, his girlfriend was equally sweet though quite a bit younger than him. I can’t recall her name.

The weekend was nice, Anthony left that first evening (Friday night) but said we would see him again at some point Saturday night at Marie’s party. We were taught the basics of good gumbo making, assisted Marie in the kitchen while she cooked it-me being the self-appointed clean-up crew and Kevin trying to learn what he could so he could some day replicate her family recipe. Marie makes the most delicious gumbo ever!!

I took tons of pictures and even a short video or two, Saturday night there was new people to meet and mingle with, as Kevin and Dad watched a Friday the 13th marathon in the background. We ate gumbo and the brisket Marie’s husband David had prepared for some 24 hours it seemed like. It was all mouth watering and yummy. Sunday after breakfast, Marie’s daughter and her boys came, there was another breakfast served for them, and a bit of family drama, then we all got ready to go to a place in the hill country…something David wanted us to experience while we were there.

The place was called the Oasis and the views were spectacular, high above Lake Travis in Austin’s hill country. We dined out on the patio with the gorgeous, blue lake in the background and wandered through a couple of the shops that were open in the complex that makes up the high-end shopping and dining destination. Let me just tell you, one goes for the view, not necessarily the food, which was overpriced and just ok.

The ride back home to Ft Worth was mostly uneventful, we got in a bit after seven, and as I was unloading the car and helping Dad put his stuff away, I got the call from Marie’s daughter Shannon that Anthony and his girlfriend had been in a horrible rollover accident, which killed her and put Anthony in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. I have not had an update yet, as it is very early here and I don’t dare call yet. She was probably in the hospital by his side all night. I have not been able to concentrate or think straight since I got the call. I did not want to upset my dad with the news, so I hurried out before it spilled out of my mouth.

I have been up now since just after 4 am, and I have thought of little else. How do I tell him? I know we weren’t that close, yet now I feel like this binds us to Marie and her family like never before, she will need our support and prayers to move ahead. We need to pray for Anthony, because when he wakes up and hears the devastating news, it will be so hard for him to cope with that. I don’t know any details of the crash, just that it was a rollover and the car ended up on the roof. Anthony has a head injury among others, so I’m sure it will be a while before he recovers.

I feel for the young lady’s family, she was very young, in her twenties. Say a prayer for them as well.

I don’t have the heart to post a bunch of happy pictures in light of this news, maybe I will in a different post. My emotions are raw and jagged right now, as I try to wrap my head around the news and all the implications.


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WOD Challenge-10-20-19-Anniversary

Word of the Day Challenge

Afternoon everyone, I am excited because this coming weekend we are going to my cousin’s house in Austin to celebrate my Dad’s birthday (which is tomorrow) and her wedding anniversary.

My dad Gus at my house one Sunday-I live 5 minutes away


I’m sure even though it’s a celebration for her as well, she will cook up a storm and be running around like a crazy person. As for me, I am just a bit nervous at the prospect since Dad hasn’t been out of town in a long while and older people are sometimes uncomfortable when taken out of their comfort zones. He may decide during the week he doesn’t want to go….I did tell him I would gladly help him pack, so he has everything he may need with him.

Last night his power went out and he was alone. He texted my brother “help” so he went and got him and took him to his house. Dad wouldn’t stay, preferring to go home when the lights were due to come back on, which was about 11 pm. So my brother took him home.

Austin is about 4 hours from where we live. Marie is sweet to offer this, but I hope she is understanding if Dad has a change of heart. He will be 85 tomorrow, he has some challenges, but nothing we can’t deal with. I hope he is able to go, relax, and have a good time.

I’m just going to pray about it and whatever God wills is what will happen. 🙂