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WOD Challenge-11-23-19-Unexpected

Word of the Day Challenge

Good morning everyone, how have you been this week? I am so sorry I have been absent trying to accomplish my goal of finishing the NaNoWriMo challenge. Then my laptop started experiencing problems and I cannot get back into my document and I have fallen too far behind to catch up. That is why I may or may not have been seeing or commenting on your blogs lately, I apologize! I will be back at it soon! I will probably have to go take my laptop in for assessment to figure out what the problem is, it also keeps shutting down for no apparent reason.

I got an unexpected surprise yesterday in the mail; my 4th article in Therapeutic Thymes y’all!!! I am so proud and happy! This is a great magazine, all about healing and alternative health, right up my alley! If you would like to get a copy yourself, go to therapeuticthymes.com to order. Single issues are $4.95 and one year subscriptions (4 issues) are just $15. They have a website, but the magazine is a beautiful print publication. Here is this month’s cover photo.

Winter 2019 Issue 13

You can order back copies as well.

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving with your friends and family! (Just in case my laptop goes to the shop I’m sending my sentiments early 🙂 )

3 thoughts on “WOD Challenge-11-23-19-Unexpected”

      1. I live in the UK so I think it’s me you’re thankful for being free of. Just another weekday for me. which seems unfair, if you were free of us it stands to reason we must ave been free of you. Some body owes me some holiday. Massive Hugs

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