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WOD Challenge-12-3-19 Uplifted

Word of the Day Challenge

Thanksgiving Update

Well blow me down! Has it really been a week or more since I blogged? Between sickness, the holiday, and computer problems…well anyway, here I am.

My holiday was lovely with company and a wonderful Thanksgiving meal that turned out perfect! My son, his girlfriend and her youngest son came to stay for a few days making me feel very uplifted especially when he warmed up to me enough to come sit in my lap. 🙂 They were able to travel here on their own after we finally found my son Josh a decent vehicle. We found a gently used, well-kept Rav 4 for just under $5,000. It will work perfectly for his situation, plus it fits him and his short stature just fine. (he and I are about the same size)

Josh’s “new” car

I have a few pics to share, some of you may have seen them on Facebook already so I apologize. We had almost 20 people join us for our Thanksgiving meal, we are truly blessed! We noshed on turkey, ham, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, brussels sprouts, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, and dressing. With all that, no one even missed the cranberry sauce or black olives, yet they were mentioned later.

It’s always chaotic when blended families come together, there is cooking going on, children running around, and visiting taking place. I had intended for there to be a prayer before we said “Dig in” but people were all over the house and it just got missed. I wanted to share the sentiment that I was thankful to have us all together, but sad for the people we have lost sine 2014, my mom, Dave’s dad, big brother Charlie, and just this year, his mother Claudette. We felt her presence even though she was not here. I hope God forgives us for skipping the prayer, we did talk about Claudette-two of us were wearing her clothes so we felt she was with us in spirit.

We had the additional surprise and pleasure of my youngest son’s girlfriend’s niece and nephew join us for the festivities, they are such beautiful, well mannered, talented children. We enjoyed them so much!

Audrina, Joshua, Chris’s girlfriend Becky, and Orion

Dad was feeling pretty good, or faking it well. He has not been feeling great this week, I am trying to get all that taken care of. Poor guy has impacted wax in one ear that will have to be removed by the ENT, after the PC and I both tried to get it out with the usual method of softening and flushing did not work. Plus, the hearing aid that goes in the affected ear is not working, so we need to get that fixed as well. December is doctor month for him and it seems we are seeing all of them this month…except his dermatologist who we saw last month.

Here are some photos of our company, too bad I forgot to take pics of the food, it was all fabulous and yummy!

I missed getting a few folks in the pictures, I apologize. Dave’s brother Robert (Bubba) was here until Sunday (he is working in Nebraska) and I don’t see a pic except the back side of him. His wife Connie and sister-in-law, Terri were also here, his son Stephen and his girl Kasey, and all three of my sons were here. Terri’s daughter Tori and her hubby Greg were also here. It was truly a family affair!!


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