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WOD Challenge-12-8-19 Fabulous

Word of the Day Challenge

A Special Christmas Tree

I had a fabulous time with my sisters-in-law yesterday as we fashioned a special Christmas tree out of some of the jewelry my mother-in-law left behind. Connie came up with the idea as a way to have her present at Christmas time, we thought it was a great plan. So yesterday, Chris’s girl Becky, Connie, Terri and I all had our hands in baubles, beads, and other shiny bits, hot gluing, pinning, and creating this beautiful thing. We thought the end result was pretty remarkable. My pictures don’t do it justice, yet I’ll include them anyway.

Connie and Terri working on the tree

View of tree

Another view

Tree on the mantle (for now) at Connie’s house

This morning at church, we were treated to a song by the children’s choir. They made such a cute picture with the church all dressed up for Advent, I just had to share.

The children’s choir

Our weather is supposed to turn cold on Tuesday, so I’m enjoying the next two days to the fullest. Dave is smoking a pork butt for dinner later, and has pinto beans in his new instapot. So dinner is basically cooking itself, which is a good thing since he is moving some of our furniture out to my son’s storage unit. I was left to clean up the floors and rehome things that had to be moved off of said furniture, and now I’m getting a tiny bit of writing done. Gotta squeeze it in where I can! Have a great Sunday everybody, thanks for visiting!


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