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WOD Challenge 1-2-20 Leap

Word of the Day Challenge

Let’s All Take a Giant Leap

Sammie Vasquez for Unsplash

I want us all to take a giant leap into the new year 2020! A leap of faith, a leap of confidence, a leap of inspiration! Let’s help each other by writing daily, helping others in the process, learning more, and spreading a bit of joy when and wherever we can!

I hope the new year inspires everyone to start strong and stick with it, whatever your goals happen to be! Write more? You can do it! Lose weight? Get on it! Be kind to others? That’s a must do! I want to do my part too, whether that is helping you in some small way, responding to daily prompts to keep my writing practice strong, getting back on the keto wagon…I know I can do whatever I put my mind to, and so can you!

Happy Thursday, Happy New Year, welcome 2020!


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