JusJoJan 1-17-20 A Love Story

Crew for Unsplash

Once upon a time, there was a girl who made bad choices in men. Her mother could tell from a mile away if this latest boy toy was good for the girl or if he was just using her, yet the girl only saw the good in people, so she never knew until it was too late. Her mother had been right all along, of course.

Then one day the girl met a handsome stranger, they fell in love at first sight. He promised to love her forever, take care of her, and stop playing head games and get off the dating wheel of fortune. They are married to this day, he kept his promise and so did she. The girl realized he was sent by God to save her from making future bad choices or becoming jaded with men all together.

He made her see that yes, there were still good men in the world, that not all men were out to do harm or take advantage of her. The odd thing was, her mother did not see until her own life was near it’s end that the man was the girl’s soulmate. How could she have missed on this one? Maybe her own views on men were jaded, or maybe no one would have ever been who she would have chosen for the girl. Or maybe, just maybe, her mother did not want her to find her soulmate at all, because then she would not have her around as much anymore and that just made her sad.

These days, the girl is a woman who is nearing her golden years, looking forward to her husband’s eventual retirement, and hoping he has not become jaded to what life has to offer. There are plenty of good years left, much to do and explore, friends to reconnect with, and time should be spent living life to the fullest…before it’s too late.




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