JusJoJan and WOD Challenges 1-16-20 Rainy Day Thursday/Strange Rituals

Rainy Day Thursday

View from my front door

The temptation was strong to get back in bed this morning as the rain came down in torrents, and lightning split the sky but bleary eyed, I made my way to the bathroom and relieved myself, crawled back in bed and read my emails instead. I have too many things to do to allow myself to goo back to sleep, I wearily told myself.

Padding into the kitchen in my slipper socks, I went about the ritual of making my coffee before starting my day at the computer. My brother had given me some new keto approved creamers to try, so I did for the second day in a row, try the Hazelnut flavored super creamer with MCT oil in it. Skipping my usual tablespoon of Kerrygold butter, I opted instead for a tablespoon of coconut oil, some Ceylon cinnamon, a dash of vanilla, and my usual Pyure brand sweetener (Stevia). It tasted delicious, so I settled in my chair to let Whiskey do her thing while I read a story from Electric Lit and drank my coffee. (Whiskey’s thing being to lick the coconut oil off my legs-weird, I know, but we have this ritual solidly in place. She literally chases me around until I sit down and let her do it. Haha, well she gets her coconut oil that way.)

Taking my coffee into my newly remodeled office, I sat down at my desk to get going on today’s writing, finding a happy surprise in my mailbox! My submission to Reedsy‘s contest was accepted! Now I wait until week’s end to hear who the winner is. It’s a fantasy to think I could win out of 76 entries, but it would be worth $50 if I did.

I get sidetracked easily, after submitting a poem to another publication, (The Finest Example by Peter Wyn Moseley) I was cold and decided to go get dressed for the day, since I do have to go to my physical job later this afternoon. Might as well be ready for whatever, right? We are experiencing thunderstorms and the possibility of flash flooding, so I decided on knee-length grey boots (leather), a grey sweater dress, and some black sport leggings. I’m still cold. I may have to bring the portable heater in here, I’m loathe to turn the fan off because then it will get stuffy.

Curling my hair and not liking it, I opted for a cute hat instead, made my way back to the kitchen to make a smoothie-I didn’t think the fat bomb I had with my coffee would take me all the way to lunch-and went back to work. This is how my mornings go…sometimes I’m more organized and my thoughts aren’t jangled up like they seem to be this morning, with no clear plan on how to tackle my day. Other days I can sit down at the computer and write straight through to lunch with just a break or two.

Today I wish I didn’t even have to get out, it’s what we call oogy around here today, cold and wet, not my favorite weather at all. I’d rather curl up on the couch with a blanket and watch my latest Netflix obsession-Virgin River-alas, there is more work to do, I have errands to run, then work. Guess I will go fetch the heater and get busy!

Not finding the heater, maybe we threw it away, it was old after all. Time to go find a sweater!

I swear, I cannot figure out why all my important emails are going to my junk folder! I don’t have time for this right now, but I will have to wade through them to see what deadlines or projects I have missed. It’s so aggravating not to be tech savvy and figure out why this keeps happening, among other things. I wish I had a day with someone like Grayson Bell over my shoulder (or by my side) to help me fix my blog and other computer issues I’m experiencing. Like, did I set up my account with MailChimp properly? Why aren’t my Amazon Associate links not working right? Is my blog even set up correctly? All of these things get in the way and hamper true progress in my workday, spending more time messing around than actually writing content. He does offer “quick fix” solutions on his website, maybe I will order one and see if he can answer a few of my questions.

I hope you all have a more productive day than the way mine is shaping up to be! Happy Thursday, stay warm and dry everyone!






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