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WOD Challenge & JusJoJan Prompts 1-20-20 Not So Funny

I don’t know jack about humor, I’m just not that funny. I do enjoy the occasional comedy, but that isn’t my chosen movie type. I do like sit- coms though. My brother and all three of my sons are better at quoting funny movies than me. My hubby likes funny stuff too, like The Three Stooges and Seinfeld. I can barely remember the punch line of a joke. Every once in a blue moon, I will say something that cracks my husband up. It’s rare though.

My preferred genre(s) are drama, crime drama, horror, suspense, mystery, and the occasional romance. Heck, I even like action films. Humor, not so much. It really depends who the actors are. Take Will Ferrell, I can tolerate him in small doses. Adam Sandler too. I did see he is in a new movie where he is not so funny. I might be agreeable to watch that one.

What about reading humor? That’s ok. I don’t necessarily pick a book meant to be funny, but I like authors that throw a it of humor in the mix, like Stephen King and Janet Evonovich. Give me funny with my mystery and/or scary story and I’m a happy girl. My imagination is limited on the subject this morning so, that’ really all I have to say about the prompts today.

PS-my favorite sit-com is Mom- I used to like Will and Grace, Friends, and How I Met Your Mother. Today’s sit-coms are kind of lame, I prefer medical dramas and crime dramas. I guess my mind is too geared toward science and biology to care about humor much, but we all need an occasional gut laugh. It’s healthy you know!

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