Escapist Coloring Club 2-1-20 A Teaser

My next project so far


I know it’s early, but I have been working on a new page for Linda’s Escapist Coloring Club and she posted a new prompt today.

I figured I’d post a teaser today, and the finished project when I’m done. Now, since hubby is sick and I have extra couch time, I will go get busy!

You know it dawned on me after reading Barbara’s post and the comments on it, that the pages would be easier to color if I took them out of the book. The aren’t perforated though, so I guess I could cut them out.

I have used everything from map colors to glitter gel pens, my latest favorite. This one just has glitter and regular gel pens so far, but maybe I will include some colored pencils as well to get more color variation. Guess you will have to stay tuned!


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