SoCS and WOD Challenges for Today, 2-1-20 Choices We Make

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “choices.” Base your post on the subject of making small, uneventful choices. Enjoy!”

Choices We Make

Different kinds of vape pens

Well, after reading lots of blogs this morning and trying to kick my muse into high gear, it seems like all I can come up with for today’s prompt is my current dilemma about my choice to keep vaping or not.

I just went to the smoke shop to try to find our favorite flavor (Cappuccino) and they were out of those pods and said not only will they not get anymore, but that on Feb 4th, all flavors except for tobacco and menthol will be banned. Of course, those flavors are made by JUUL and cost more than the Zip pods we use. (I chose lemon custard and blueberry instead)

So now, I have to decide if I want to keep vaping or not. I switched from smoking to vaping around five years ago and have had no ill effects. The current state of things, however, means that all vaping products are subject to contamination, and that we who use them are subject to ridicule and sage advice from everyone. I happen to love vaping, it got me to quit smoking and I don’t want to quit, however, I realize that if I continue, it will be harder and harder to find quality products, the cost is expensive, and yes, it might be damaging to my lungs in the future to continue.

Jury is still out on that if you ask me. The products that are causing illness and yes, even death, are tainted with vitamin E oil, and not sold in stores but on the streets by people who don’t care one wit about you or your health, they just want to make money. But what if that practice starts occurring in quality stores by people wanting to profit at our expense. I guess I have to consider that a possibility. I have always trusted people too much, that’s my problem.

Maybe in the future all of the good pods will be integrated with the bad ones, and it will be a total crap shoot. What ever happened to being able to trust the products we buy being totally high grade if we purchase them from stores with good reputations? I personally believe it is another case of the government trying to control what we do, what choices we make, soon, everything will be taken out of our hands and we will be down to one choice, change or quit-want to or not. They are even gearing all the tv shows I watch to include the horrors happening to kids who are privately vaping without their parent’s knowledge. It’s enough to scare anyone into quitting.

So far we get to eat what we want, drink if we want, live where we want and so on. How long before all that changes as well? We better watch out, or our freedom(s) to choose the things we want will all disappear.


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