WOD Challenge 2-3-20 Devil of a Time

Devil of a Time

I don’t know if the Devil is after me or what, but I’ve been having a devil of a time with my accounts lately. Saturday, I saw after checking my bank account that some unauthorized charges had been taken out, so I had to  cancel my debit card. That means I have to go to the bank, get a new one, and try to recoup my money.

Then early in the morning this morning, because I could not sleep anyway, I thought of a poem and reached for my phone to jot it down in my notes, (anyone who’s a writer knows this must be done at the time of the thought or in the morning…Poof, it will be gone!) and as I tried to put in my security code, someone was remotely trying to hack my phone! I could see the attempts to crack the code being done right before my eyes, without me touching a thing!! How is that possible??? So I shut it off completely and then laid there about 15 minutes before turning it back on again. I suppose now I’ll have to get a new one through Apple, cause someone is definitely trying to hack my life!

I’m always getting robocalls, spam, etc. that my Hiya app has to stop or make me aware of.

I get tons of junk mail and spam in my mailboxes.

Do you suppose it’s time to change everything? Say a prayer? Get off of social media? All of the above-and more?

Do you think it may be random, all these things? I did use my card at the smoke shop Saturday, maybe he copied the number, or it could have happened at the café where I paid for myself and my Dad’s lunch the other day. What about the phone though? I don’t want to think that any of the kind people that have been remotely helping me with my websites lately would do such a thing, besides, are those two things even connected? I don’t know, but something has to change and I need to do it today.

On top of all that, my websites still are not right, and I paid for all of that stuff to be done. I’m so angry right now, maybe I will use that energy to make all these changes. I’ll keep y’all posted!

PS-I’ll take any helpful suggestions that anyone wants to offer as a way to fix all of these issues!


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