WOD Challenge 2-4-20 Approval Needed

I Am So and So and I APPROVE of This Message….

Who is sick to death of hearing these words and seeing these hateful ads? Me! That’s who.

I’m not one to comment on politics, in fact, I try not to talk about that at all. I know there has to be a better way to get the job done, however, than these annoying ads.

Why do we care if they “approved” this message? What is true is that they PAID for this message. Politicians buy votes with these ads on both sides, it’s mudslinging at it’s finest. I don’t want to see any of these ads anymore, by any party…period!

They scream of desperation.

They beg for our attention.

Do your jobs and make us love you through your good deeds, how about THAT? What did politicians do before paid ads came along?

Here’s what I would approve, no more political ads. Have a vote based on the outcome of the debates and leave it at that. We are smart enough to make up our own minds without being swayed by these ridiculous, overplayed ads that do nothing but annoy the hell out of the American people.

My name is Kim Smyth, and I approve of THIS message. 😉


(This is my opinion only, not paid for by any party or affiliation.)


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