WOD Challenge 3-2-20 Bounty

Word of the Day Challenge

Good afternoon, I can’t believe I’m just now getting to write on the computer but somedays it be that way. I have had classes, missed appointments and an emergency to deal with today, so sorry I am just getting to my blog for the day.

My new mini-waffle maker shown next to a cantaloupe as a size reference

So, this weekend I bough my new Dash mini-waffle maker and I can’t tell you how cool it is. Now I’ll be making a bounty of Chaffles of every flavor imaginable and you guys will probably get sick of me talking about them. Today, I made the “Wonder Bread” Chaffle so I have a “bun” for my pulled pork sandwich tonight…one that is perfectly keto acceptable. Unlike the real bun I cheated with and ate last night.

Wonder bread Chaffles

I swear, the little appliance looks like it was made to make Barbie sized Chaffles, lol. They come out perfect every time, as long as you don’t put too much batter in it. Luckily, I had read enough Pinterest blogs and recipes to know not to do that ahead of time. Make the given recipe, then put half in the waffle maker at a time. This will become both halves of your “bun” for sandwiches, burgers, desserts or whatever. All that changes for each type you make is the recipe. The basic Chaffle recipe calls for egg and cheese. But sweet Chaffles are made differently, and today’s recipe had no cheese at all!

If any of you want to get in on the Chaffle craze, a Dash mini-waffle maker is only $9.99 at Target and other retailers. Get to waffle making!





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