Day 3 of the 30-Day writing Challenge by Toots and WOD Challenge 3-5-20 Whimsical

Ahtoh Bopo6beB for Unsplash

Day 3: 10 likes and dislikes:

I’m going to try combining challenges this morning and start off by saying the Word of the Day is brought to you by Cyranny, and the 30-Day Writing Challenge is brought to you by Toots! 

So here is my list of likes and dislikes starting with that whimsical gnome in the picture.

  1.  I like gnomes, I have one in my garden, a tiny little thing. I should make it a point to set him somewhere he will be better seen!
  2.  I like coffee, can’t start my day without it…well, I have, but I always prefer to start it that way!
  3.  I like to vape, I know I should quit (we’ve been through this before), but since I can’t smoke, it’s the next best thing.
  4.  I like water, any form, but mainly the ocean. I will take a lake in a pinch, rivers fascinate me, but the sea is where my heart is.
  5.  I like sweets…too much. So since I try to stay keto 80% of the time, I make my own sugar-free sweets or buy them if they’re cheap.
  6.  I like writing, or I wouldn’t be doing this challenge! I make it a point to write every day, somewhere, on something. My blog(s), my journal(s), Medium, on Word, or wherever my heart takes me that day.
  7.  I like being home…too much also. It is a struggle sometimes to make myself get out, I feel I have so much to do here.
  8.  I like going out-I know, what I just said. This time I mean at night, for dinner, or to a movie, or better yet, to a nightclub (something that get’s rarer as we get older.
  9.  I like going to concerts, on cruises, to cultural events like plays or operas. I just haven’t been to any in a while but there’s concerts in my future!!
  10.  I like playing games, in fact, I did a whole story on games of my life on Medium…go check it out here!

Now for the dislikes…do I have to do 10? Oh well, I’ll try:

  1.  I hate mushrooms, ok I dislike their texture. I like the flavor because I have always liked cream of mushroom soup.
  2.  I dislike oatmeal, unless it’s made with steel-cut oats into a baked delicacy like my baked blueberry oatmeal.
  3.  I dislike mean people.
  4.  I dislike rude drivers.
  5.  I dislike liars.
  6.  I dislike thieves, although I have stolen something myself…when I was young. A candy bar, it was just for the thrill, then I felt awful.
  7.  I dislike chaos, I prefer order. I try to keep my life stress free and my house (somewhat) clean and organized.
  8.  I dislike wearing a ton of clothes. That’s one reason I hate winter. I want it to be warm so I can wear as little as I can get away with.
  9.  I dislike smoking now. I hate the smell, the ashes, the expense, and what it does to your body. I hope I never go back to it.
  10.  I dislike being cold, it hurts my bones. I have never liked the cold, God chose to put me in Texas for a reason. 😉

If you’d like to do either challenge, just click on the links above!


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