WOD Challenge 3-10-20 I Want to Be Helpful

I want to be helpful:

That is why I created my other blog: Alternative Lifestyle-A health blog featuring recipes, discussions about alternative medicine, essential oils, CBD, herbs, and more.

My hubby does not care for the name, and maybe he is right. If y’all also think the name is er…misleading in any way, would you be of assistance and suggest something else? Take a look there at some of my posts and see what you think!

I also want to help my family, which is sometimes warranted and other times…not so much. You know, when MOM makes helpful suggestions, they are not always popular or listened to for that matter. 😉

In Dad’s case, I think my help is welcomed for the most part. I hope so anyway!

I try to help my husband as much as possible, which he appreciates until my “helpful” suggestions become more like nagging. Lot’s of times I want to help, but I am not physically cabable, other times I think I am but he doesn’t, lol.

Growing up I proved helpful around the house, and all my jobs have been in the healthcare world, so I guess I was born to be helpful. 

Writing and crafting are helpful to me and my sanity, they are sort of like therapy for me and keep me from becoming depressed.

How are YOU helpful?


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