One-Liner Wednesday-Risk is the Price You Pay

“Risk is the price you pay for opportunity”


I almost took a huge risk yesterday. It could have changed my life. I didn’t do it. Why?

  • It might have been a scam
  • It would have used up most of my savings
  • I was scared I would not have the time to devote 100% to it

Yet, what if I had taken the risk, what might have happened?

  • Supposedly I could have fast-tracked my career as an artist using a proven formula by Evolve
  • I might have made back the money I spent for tuition plus more
  • I might have become a professional artist in months instead of years

I have always wanted to be an artist, I used to draw pretty good charcoal sketches, but I never understood the concept of color and how to use it, so instead of learning, I just moved on to something else.

Yesterday I attended a webinar put on by Evolve

He gave a free master class with an action guide outlining the whole program and showing proof by examples of how fast one could become a professional artist using 4 basic concepts:

DNA-the genetic structure of art

Drawing-A simple system for capturing the proportions of anything you see

Color-Build confidence and control over color by immersing yourself into it incrementally

Excel-Create an environment that supports your growth as an artist with community

He checked off all the boxes, everything was included, my finger literally hovered over the pay now button until I sat and watched the timer run out.

Thing is, I don’t like high pressure sales tactics, it makes me wary that something scammy is going on.

Was I right to trust my instincts, or should I have taken the risk?


I’d love to go into more detail about what all the program offered and why it was so tempting, but I’m actually off to work! I’m assisting Miss Stephanie today, yea! Shout out to Christina…Get well soon!!

If you would like to look into Evolve and see what they offer or just out of curiosity to see what your opinion of the company is, click on the link above. It will take you to their website. (Not promoting for them, just providing the info)




Remove term: https://lindaghill.com/2020/03/11/one-liner-wednesday-just-sayin/  https://lindaghill.com/2020/03/11/one-liner-wednesday-just-sayin/

One-Liner Wednesday


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