WOD & #Fun20083 Challenges 3-26-20 Vertical Challenge

Vertical Challenge

The day was calm, almost eerily so as three tots, brothers, lumbered through the tall grass toward the stone picnic bench. Tommy, the oldest at five, held hands with Sammy, the youngest of the three. “Cmon, we are almost to the mountain! We have to climb it to eat our surprise Mama gave us!” Billy, the middle child was unsure about this adventure, he didn’t know if they were going to make it up the preverbal “mountain, as they were all short little guys. “Tom, wait up,” Billy called out.
“You’re ok, Billy. We are here now! Here, give me your hand!” “I don’t need your help, Bozo!” Billy said, using his pet name for Tommy-especially when he was frustrated. “Fine, then I will help Sammy and you can get yourself up the mountain.” “I can do it!” Sammy said as he attempted to swing his chunky, little leg over the bench. “Ouch! It’s hot, Tommy!” Tommy climbed up first and spread the beach towel he had brought over the table top. Reaching down, he took Sammy’s hand and helped him up. “Sit here and once I get Billy up, we will eat our surprise.” Tommy said to Sammy.
Billy was not buying any of this little adventure. “What did she give us anyway, a dented can of beans?” Tommy stares at his brother in frustration and said “You must climb the mountain to find out!” “Fine, help me then.” Tommy grabbed his hand and helped him to the bench where Billy stood up and pronounced “Here I am, Bozo, let’s have the loot!” Tommy grinned and wondered where a four-year-old learned language like that. “He has been watching too many pirate shows” Tommy figured. He took both of Billy’s hands and pulled him on top of the bench to sit on the towel, protecting their legs from the hot stone surface. “Now we are kings of the mountain,” Tommy said triumphantly. Just then they were treated to a marching band as the parade moved through the neighborhood. Tommy reached into his knapsack and pulled out three bags of jelly beans his mom packed for them. Being little guys, they watched the parade, munching their jelly beans, not one bit concerned about the dentist.

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