WDIIA-What Day is it Anyway? 3-27-20 It’s Friday Again!

Badge courtesy of Maggie at From Cave Walls

It’s Friday Again, believe it or not!

We have survived another week, right now it’s warm and dry. Yesterday began my husband’s day on day off new schedule, so he was home with me, and the dogs were freaking out. They can tell time, I swear, and all day they kept looking at him as if to say, “Daddy, why are you home and what are you doing here?”

To take advantage of the situation, we finished draining the pool, cleaned it and started filling it, a long expensive process-yet it had to be done. We wanted to replaster it, yet that is too expensive right now and anyway, no one is doing that kind of work during the pandemic. We also started tons of yardwork that needs to be done, I felt a sense of accomplishment while at the same time feeling like it was a drop in the bucket of what still needs to be done. I’m not really supposed to be doing it, because of my knee, but I was careful not to squat, yet bending was a must, so my back is tired. I’m not sure I will tackle too much today, there’s always the weekend.

It felt surreal having him home yesterday, I kept thinking it was Saturday, lol. We were tired and hungry when we finished our work, so we cheated and had date night at home by ordering a pizza for pickup and I ate three pieces!! Shocker! This morning I made sure to drink my ACV tea, I do that after a major cheat to “erase” all those carbs I consumed. It must work (if only in my head) because I have maintained my weight through it all. I had been good yesterday up to that point, only eating a Chaffle sandwich for breakfast and a half a green apple for lunch with a dab of peanut butter. Lot’s of water and iced tea too. It was hot and we lost a lot through sweat.

I also had a conversation with my oldest who tends to be a conspiracy theorist, he upset me by claiming there is no virus, it’s all made up and the government’s goal is to have us all vaccinated. What??? Look around you, dude! People are dying from this thing, and I realize it’s small numbers in the big picture, but it is real. Sticking your head in the sand is not going to make it go away. I don’t know, what do I say to him? I can’t prove it is or it isn’t, I can only control my actions and those are to comply with the orders we’ve been given. I also realize people die every day from other causes, other illnesses and none of that seems to have the effect that this virus is having. Only God knows the answers to all of this. So I pray it ends soon, I want life to get back to normal just as much as the next person.

This #WDIIA post is brought to you by Linda Hill to help us figure out what day it is anyway during these increasingly weird times we are facing.



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