WOD Challenge 3-30-20 Undeserved Isolation

Word of the Day Challenge


Through this undeserved isolation, things are getting done and there’s a bit of news on the horizon, a light at the end of the tunnel. I have a couple of new projects to get done, and I’m looking forward to the weekend for reasons I can’t share here. I am anxious for life to return to what it was before, because this feels like a punishment, even if we know it’s not. A wake up call, for sure, but not what any of us deserve, in my opinion.

At least I have projects, crafts, and tv, plus my family is around and not scared to share meals together several times a week. So far we are all healthy, if that changes, I’ll stay my butt at home completely. The only person that’s been ill in my family is keeping his distance, which may be the right call considering everything that’s going on. I do hope he finds a new job soon, it’s weird that we are all supposed to be “sheltering in place” yet plenty of stores are hiring right now. Please say a prayer he finds something soon.

I hope you all have a fabulous, productive, yet restful week. Stay well and stay connected everyone!



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