WOD Challenge 4-12-20 Would I Lie to You?

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all have a blessed Easter Sunday and make time to FaceTime or otherwise connect to family, friends, and church services.

Today’s word of the day is not a good one for such a religious holiday, the word is Liar. I hate a liar, and there’s a lot of it going on right now. No one knows, in fact, who is telling the truth. Some say the virus is a hoax, others say it is very real indeed. Whatever the case is, people are dying and that is no lie.

Let’s change the subject and talk about an upbeat tune this word brought to mind as soon as I started to type my blog this morning, an old Eurythmics song called Would I Lie to You? Take a listen and dance around your living room. Get a little blood flow going before you relax and get ready to worship God.

I have to cut it short today, guys, laundry and cooking to do before church to get ready for dinner later!

PS-if you don’t have a church service to stream but would like one, all are welcome to stream here!

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