WOD Challenge 4-12-20 Would I Lie to You?

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all have a blessed Easter Sunday and make time to FaceTime or otherwise connect to family, friends, and church services.

Today’s word of the day is not a good one for such a religious holiday, the word is Liar. I hate a liar, and there’s a lot of it going on right now. No one knows, in fact, who is telling the truth. Some say the virus is a hoax, others say it is very real indeed. Whatever the case is, people are dying and that is no lie.

Let’s change the subject and talk about an upbeat tune this word brought to mind as soon as I started to type my blog this morning, an old Eurythmics song called Would I Lie to You? Take a listen and dance around your living room. Get a little blood flow going before you relax and get ready to worship God.

I have to cut it short today, guys, laundry and cooking to do before church to get ready for dinner later!

PS-if you don’t have a church service to stream but would like one, all are welcome to stream here!

Word of the Day Challenge

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Easter Dinner at Dad’s-Word of the Day Prompt (Fort)

Good morning everyone, how was your Easter? I hope it was blessed and you had time with family like we did. We started out at church, I really wanted to take some pics but somehow it seemed inappropriate. The acolytes came in with swirling banners and stood in the aisles swirling them through the whole first hymn. It was really special and had me mesmerized. We had intended to go to sunrise service, yet that did not happen.

Oldest son Sean whipping up some special sauce

Jeremy saying hi

My oldest son Sean and his best friend Jeremy really proved themselves yesterday by providing us with some tasty vittles, a backyard egg hunt for all his friends and their kids, and he (Sean) went all out buying them eggs and candy so they would have a nice Easter. It was really more about getting the family together at Dad’s for a change, it turned out very nice, I’m just sorry that Josh and Chasity live so far away and were not there to share in the fun. We live in Fort Worth and they live in Red Oak, we went to visit them and gave them money so her kids would have a nice Easter. (On Friday)

Right to left, Dad, Ryan, Josh (don’t know the kids names)

Chris and Dave laughing at something

Dad and brother Kevin waiting for their shot

Josh, Ryan, Cody

Pics are of the guest’s kids, and wives all having fun in Dad’s back yard.

I have no idea who or if the mess got cleaned up, I myself emptied one sink full and told him he was on his own for the rest. Luckily, he is very organized and has done these type events in the past, so evidently he was not worried. My only concern was that there were parents drinking while watching their kids-I hope there were no problems with that, yet everyone seemed very nice and when I left I wasn’t too worried about things getting out of control. My brother stayed a little longer to make sure Dad wasn’t left with a huge problem on his hands.

My younger son Chris and his girl Becky attended as well, yet they had to cut out early because she had a book report due and needed to sleep. We all had a nice time, and of course, there was major pool playing which was made better by some new competition. Ryan, Sean’s friend, brought a friend of his own and their kids (Josh) and he was my pool playing partner for a while. He was very kind, considerate, and skilled, I would have him back in a minute!

Dad seemed to be enjoying himself as well and we all got full on dinner. Now that we know it can be successful and not stressful, I hope we continue the tradition! I hope you all enjoyed your Easter as well.