WOD Challenge 4-16-20 Precious Rayven

These are pictures from Easter that Rayven’s mama took of her getting her basket, followed by a precious video of her on her Easter egg hunt. She lives in Ohio, in a small town called Van Wert.

I have never met her, but we talk on FaceTime occasionally. She’s my blood grand daughter, so I stay in contact with Taylor, in the hope that I will be able to meet her someday. My son is no longer in that relationship, so the sad truth is, I may never be a part of her life except this way. At least I get to see pictures and speak to her, she knows who we are. So sad the way kids throw away relationships these days, when the going gets too tough.

I think she is a precious flower and I’m glad Taylor has been such a good mother, doing all she can to provide her with what she needs to thrive.  In the last picture she’s holding a special doll from one of those Tim Burton movies…to me it’s creepy but she obviously loves it!

I had an adorable video of her hunting for Easter eggs, but it will not download for some reason. 😦

If I ever get it to load, I’ll update this post later. Normally, we send her stuff for holidays and birthdays, but we had other things on our mind at this weird time of our lives, luckily, her mama had it covered, with help from her parents and guy friend, I’m sure. I’ll make up for it later. Maybe a “just because” present of some kind, she loves princess dresses, maybe she will get a new one soon. 😉



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