WOD Challenge 5-3-20 Let’s Use Our Wits People!

Let’s Use Our Wits People!

Ok, first off, Feliz Domingo Everyone!

Now, let’s get serious for a moment. I was just watching my beloved CBS Sunday Morning show when I saw the scary coverage of how people are supposedly needing to go back to comforting themselves with junk food during this pandemic.


Just as we as a nation were trending towards better eating, growing our own food, visiting and supporting farmer’s markets, and buying our meats from butchers and sharing the cost with our families and friends, now the story suggests people are going back to the lazy, couch potato lifestyles of old. THIS IS DANGEROUS for so many reasons. I mean, yeah, we’ve been cheating a little here and there, maybe leaning on alcohol a bit too much, but we are definitely NOT sitting around munching on chips and dips, eating Oreos in front of the tube, or pizza for dinner every night.

It’s as though the story is giving us permission to become fat, lazy slobs again and that will cause nothing but problems for us as a nation.

Now is the time we should be learning how to cook and prep food while we have the extra time. We need to keep eating healthy, adopting new behaviors, exercising, and supporting small businesses like farmer’s markets and mom and pop grocery stores.

Take us for instance, we may not do all of those things I said all the time, but I can buy my eggs from a neighbor with chickens if I run out, we cook our meat for the week on Sundays and prep other food so we have healthy meals to eat all week, sticking to the one-night-a-week date night that we deem our “cheat” night. Even yesterday, when we were finally able to eat in a real live restaurant, I ate salmon and veggies.

Let’s use our wit, common sense, and stay the course! This won’t last forever and I’d hate to see us as a nation go back to skyrocket surges in diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Insurance rates will soar as we as a nation get fat and sick again. DON”T LET THE PANDEMIC BE YOUR EXCUSE TO LET YOURSELF GO!!

Do you really want leaky gut, IBS, bad skin and more problems health-wise just because you abandoned your healthy ways??? I don’t think so. I know I don’t. I’m trying to get out and walk several times a week, I use apple cider vinegar to flush out toxins from my mistakes I might have allowed myself during the weekend or whatever. I use my essential oils to kill viruses and bacteria that could be brewing in my gut and I eat salads, meats and veggies and even make my sweets with natural sweeteners like stevia, or buy sugar-free candy made with stevia to snack on. I eat pork rinds with dip for snacks, heck, the other day I even made a keto crust less custard pie! It was delicious!


Let’s just use our wits, shall we? Thank you. I feel better now. 🙂

For low carb recipes and snacks, check out my Pinterest page or ask me who’s recipes I like to follow. I will show you some really good sources of low carb, keto, or paleo sites. Sites like Mad Creations, Mark’s Daily Apple, or All Day I Dream About Food. We have the resources, people! Utilize those farmer’s markets for your fresh veggies or grow your own. Get an aerogarden and grow your own herbs. Comfort yourself with hours of reading, writing, games, or an occasional glass of wine. Use some CBD to relax.

Just please, please, please don’t go back to the old ways. That would be a worse fate than our current pandemic. LOOK at THOSE numbers. Diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, obesity. THOSE THINGS KILL THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE EVERY DAY…you don’t see the nation shutting down because of that though, do you?

OK, rant over, I just had to get it off my chest. Thanks for listening. Enjoy your Sunday folks.


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