Missing Our Moms Today

Happy Heavenly Mother’s Day

Our Claudette

This is a hard day for those like us who have lost our moms. The above shot of Dave’s mom is my favorite, not just because I took it, but because she was wearing her favorite jeans, she was genuinely happy, this was right before she got so sick. She passed away last January from cancer.

Claudette and I on a trip to San Antonio a few years ago

My mom was sick for years before she passed, but it wasn’t until the last couple of months she was in a nursing home for what we all thought was rehab, but turned out to be the last place she ever was. We lost her six years ago from complications of PKD.

My mom Betty with my dad Gus

We loved them both and today our thoughts are on them, even if we are preparing for whatever our days hold today.
As for us, Dave is cooking dinner as usual for the family, but I got to pick “what’s for supper” and I chose salmon, asparagus, and salad. My brother is providing dessert.

While many are still confined to their homes for personal reasons, we have resumed our regular activities, safely of course, and I’m looking forward to a visit with my boys. We went to the store before virtual church service, Dave is mowing, I did laundry and soon we will begin cooking the components of our dinner. Regular Sunday, but yesterday Dave bought me new flowers for my mailbox planters and planted them, today he gave me a sweet Mother‘s Day card and cooked our breakfast, I mean, he always makes me feel special. 🙂

I hope you treasure your moms living or in heaven and for all those mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!




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