WOD Challenge 5-11-20 Novice Writer

Novice Writer


I’m still a novice when it comes to putting my Words on a Page

Struggling daily to say something sage

Digging deeply to find my one muse

What are the perfect words to use?

Maybe someday they’ll come with more ease

Amuse, inspire, tease, or appease

Might they be helpful, useful, or more

Telling my stories, recording my lore

I wish for them not to fall flat on deaf ears

To leave a legacy, one for many years.


Just a silly poem to highlight today’s word of the day challenge-Novice

I hope all of you mothers out there had a wonderful day yesterday! I did, my family was here for dinner including all my three sons and two of their girlfriends. Chasity brought Weston who never left her side the whole afternoon, and we shared a meal, some laughs, and the kids brought me much appreciated gifts. It was a great day! Hubby made salmon, tuna steaks, grilled asparagus and leeks, salad, and my brother donated a delicious peanut butter/chocolate cheesecake that was the bomb, and some beans and rice. I never took any photos of them but I did take one of my gifts. 🙂

My hubby got me new flowers for my mailbox planters! The kids got me cards, gift cards, a pretty wine glass set, some soufflé cups, and my oldest gave me a book on dealing with fear and anxiety and some Slap ya Mama hot sauce to keep my meals spicy!

Happy Monday everyone!


Word of the Day Challenge


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