Too Much Fun in Granbury

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

Anthony Fomin for Unsplash

Over this past weekend we were invited to go to an Airbnb house with some friends in Granbury, Tx. We had loads of fun, food, and met lots of good people, some we learned were neighbors of ours!

Sometimes, when having lots of fun, one may overdo it…and end up with a tummy full of acid. That was the case for me yesterday, I consumed too many different types of drinks and too much rich food, so started yesterday off with an upset stomach, but bounced back and was having fun all over again back home last night. 😉

Fireworks around the lake house Saturday night


I saw lots of great Memorial Day flags and events going on, on our way home, but was in such a weird head space I forgot to take pics. Just know Granbury was putting on a show in support of Memorial Day, complete with fireworks…legal or not.

I did take some pics of the fun we were having while at the “lake” which technically we were on the Brazos river, just a ways down from Lake Granbury. I swam, got to float in the river, took a fun boat ride, almost came home with a cool piece of petrified driftwood…but the wood got tossed by one of the boat ‘captains’ 😦 and I ate and drank whatever I wanted too. Keto was out the window for a day or two. Got a mild sunburn, chapped lips, and had to sleep on a couch, but it was all fun and I appreciate the friends inviting us to share their place and their food.

Our view from the house

Some of the ladies having mimosas with breakfast

Myself, Michelle, and Jill

The pool and hot tub

Back of the house

Outdoor kitchen

Brian’s boat we took a ride on Saturday

We had planned on playing some games, but everyone was having too much fun just being in each other’s company. Some danced, some just hung out in the pool, some hung out in he house. No rules, just having fun.

Today, we plan on the family gathering for burgers and brats, if the weather doesn’t ruin it for everyone. Surely, we will be fine, even if we are all stuck indoors. Y’all have a safe, happy, mindful day, remembering those who died for us and this countries freedoms.




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