My Newly Acquired Diamond Art Project-WOD Challenge-6-15-20

My Newly Acquired Diamond Art Project

Hey, happy Monday to all of you and how was your weekend? Mine was very good and I had company and got lots of things accomplished. Unfortunately, while doing yardwork, I guess I aggravated my knee again, (it’s never quite gotten over all those steps in Granbury a few weeks ago) and now it is hurting and behaving like it wants to hyperextend when I try to walk. So I’m taking it slow and easy today, I have tried ice and I believe I will try some turmeric milk later…I already take the turmeric, bioperine, curcumin supplements, but I had to take some Percogesic when I went to bed last night for the pain. I am loathe to wear a brace again, feeling like that is a crutch. I guess I’ll call my knee doctor and ask his advice… do I rest, work out in the pool, or what?

Once I’m done writing today, I can’t wait to get back to my newly acquired diamond art project, this one will be for me when it’s done! DA is so fun and relaxing, and I can put my leg up and rest it at the same time. Also, I can listen to an audiobook, or watch something on my iPad while I work! That’s like killing two birds with one stone! I’ll show you the “before” picture so you can see what it will look like when it’s done. Other than that I managed to make egg cups and do a load of laundry, albeit slowly. The only outing for me today will be to go pick up my prescription from Walmart, at least I can just drive through for that one!

My new project


Does anyone know why my stupid phone won’t stay connected to the wi-fi??? It’s so aggravating!!

Thanks in advance, y’all have a great Monday!

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8 thoughts on “My Newly Acquired Diamond Art Project-WOD Challenge-6-15-20

    • Thanks and me too! I’m waiting on a call back from Dr Saing to get some medical advice. I just hope I haven’t screwed it up too bad, that maybe I just need to start doing my exercises again and see if that helps. Ugh!


  1. Knee pain can often come from the hip, ankle or even shoulder. They are all connected might be worth checking them out too or at least exercises for them. The DA sounds interesting. For now if you can rest, ice, elevate R.I.C.E for short.
    The mobile WiFi thing is irritating isn’t it have you checked your settings. Hope the rest of your Monday went well and your on the mend now.💜

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  2. Turns out my arthritis is flaring up again and short of getting a new knee (I’m not ready yet) I can get steroid shots, try PRP therapy and exercise in the pool. 😦
    I saw on TV there was a new kind of arthritis rub…or maybe I’ll go buy some strong CBD rub to hold me until I can get a new knee. My surgery last year was supposed to hold me for five more years!! Stupid knee!!!


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