A Soggy Awakening

A few of my favorite fathers!

Happy Father’s Day

It was a dark awakening this morning and I was loathe to leave my bed. I could tell more rain was in store, the sun has still not made much of an appearance. My family will be over later to enjoy Father’s Day together, even though it’s Father’s Day, Dave is still cooking Sunday dinner. It’s kind of his thing, his passion, to cook and provide for everyone. My own dad doesn’t cook much anymore, so he enjoys meals prepared by someone else. I hope all my boys will be here, my youngest works so much, we never know if he will be called out or not.

To all those young men out there who had kids but aren’t allowed to be in their lives, I feel for you and I know there are two sides of the coin. You are still fathers and deserve a happy father’s day acknowledgement, so there you go. In some cases, the girls are just nuts, in some cases the young men don’t put in much of an effort to be in their kids lives, in others, they tried everything they knew, but it just didn’t work out. You are all still fathers, don’t forget that and do try to be in your kid’s lives, they need you!

Yesterday I was hurting with a possible UTI on top of my knee pain, today at least one of those problems is better. I was told by my orthopedic surgeon that my arthritis is flaring up again, and that is the cause of all the pain, popping, and swelling in my knee. So, I will get a shot before we go on vacation, but in the meantime, I’m trying that new rub for arthritis called Voltarin. It has nsaids in it, and you must use it 4 times a day. The directions say some may not feel the effects for a whole week. Well, the tube will be gone in a week, you should see the dose you have to use. It comes with a dosing card, you put your dose on the corresponding ribbon, then on the affected body part. I’ll keep you posted on whether it helps or not.

Well, I hope all the dads out there have a good day and it started with worrship, however you’re doing that these days. Ours is still online, but we have been present since this whole thing started. 😉 Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


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