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WOD Challenge 5-18-22 Breaking the Law

Don’t feed the animals!

I guess I must be living under a rock because this is my first time seeing this video of a woman jumping into the animal exclosure at the zoo and feeding the spider monkeys a Cheeto!

These are primitive and wild animals, and everyone knows you are not supposed to jump in the enclosures or feed the animals at the zoo! There is signage everywhere saying so. Yet this women refuses to admit she broke the law, or did anything wrong.

Woman leaving the animal enclosure

She got a new job following the incident and her new employer is perfectly okay with her and defends her actions.

If you ask me it’s just another example of the upside down world we are living in today, where lawlessness is taking over and people just think they can do anything they want!

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WOD Challenge 5-6-22 How Not to Isolate

Get Involved!

I have to be honest here, part of the reason I got more involved with church activities was to keep me from isolating in this house.

Another way is by trying to nurture friendships more and go visit one or ask one to meet you for coffee or lunch. Unfortunately, most of my friends work outside the home, so on the idd occasion that they aren’t or they invite me, I willingly accept! And, of course, I get out of the house to run errands, or work on getting Dad’s house ready for the estate sale. My worry is that to isolate too much, which is easy to do right now, will lead to depression and/or broken relationships.

Now, on another topic, the picture above is my husband’s idea of perfect retirement…not mine, because I’m more social than that. So obviously, we have different opinions of isolation.

I understand that hat he wants is to get away from the crowds and crazy traffic, but I don’t want to be too far from friends and family. I may be grieving, but I still need my people.

I think that since the pandemic still has such a grip on many of you, it still might be tempting to isolate. I pray that soon you will feel brave enough to get back out there, because loneliness can also be detrimental to your health. 🤗🙏

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WOD Challenge 5-10-22 Archaic Behavior

Flat tire

So, it’s been a bad couple of weeks for tires on my car!

On top of that, I had to deal with archaic behavior by the men from the dealership down to the tire repair shops that think us women can be pushed around. After the first flat tire, the dealership tried to sell me a tire, because despite the fact that the nail was in the tread, it was so close to the edge they claimed, it was in the sidewall.

It was not, but even Pep Boys said it was not repairable there. So, since their price was better for the tire, I let them sell me a new tire and put it on, which took way longer than I thought it would. I had already been waiting an hour when someone came out to tell me I had the wrong key to take off the bolts on the tire, and I must go back to the dealership to get the correct size. Turns out, the last time the dealership worked on my car, they put the wrong sized ”key” back in the glove box.

Now, a key does not look like what you might be imagining. It’s a tool to take the bolts off the hubcaps.

So off I went. Once I arrived, I was sure they would chastise me for going somewhere else, but they actually pulled out the tool bag and not one, but 4 diffrent guys dug through the bag to find the correct size key. Evidently they are proprietary to every Honda vehicle. Anyway, about 15 minutes later I was back at Pep Boys and then 45 minutes later I was done and out the door.

That was last week. 🙄

Then this past Sunday, I got back from church and noticed I had another nail in my right rear tire! Now, the only places I have been in the past two weeks are church and my dad’s house-except for giving Shari a ride home. With all the work going on at Dad’s, tools being drug in and out of the garage getting ready for the estate sale, that’s the only place I can think of that I would have gotten bolts or nails in my tires two weeks in a row! I asked my oldest boy, Sean, to check around the driveway and street the next time he goes over there, which will be tonight.

Luckily, I took the car to Discount Tire today, and they didn’t charge me a penny. I’m glad that customer service is alive and well somewhere!

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Juggling Act 5-5-2022 WOD Challenge

I’m sorry I haven’t been around the past few days, I have been trying to juggle so many things this week.

Sunday we had an awesome church service, which was hard for me to get the full effect of from in the choir loft. of course I want to be there, but all I see is the back of everyones heads unless they happen to turn and acknowledge us. In addition, the sound is different from back there. I can’t tell what we sound like from the front, but I heard we sounded very good. I’m so glad, because this was a very special service! We had a paper burning ceremony because as a church, we just paid off a $9 million debt! We had all kinds of special guests, including the Bishop, and several former pastors.

Monday night, I had my grief support group which was great, but left me drained and feeling tired and washed out. I am still learning so much about the grieving process. We go through waves of happiness and then sadness, even now. It’s ok if I don’t feel like getting off the couch, it’s understandable if I feel like I’m losing my mind, and it is ok to have moments of bliss…how rare are those on a normal day anymore? It’s ok if I’m not ready to go through his pictures yet, I will get there. In the midst of all these feelings, we are trying to get his house ready and presentable for the estate sale, and eventually, the sale of his home. I didn’t work over there Monday but I will be today.

Tuesday, we went back to DFW National Cemetery to have his honors ceremony. The funeral home made a mistake and we had to reschedule it. I was overwhelmed with emotion right before the soldier gave me the flag, so tears were streaming down my face as he presented me with it. Add to that the gray and gloomy day and you can see where I might be a bit weepy…

My brother was on the opposing bench.

Presentation of the flag.

Me accepting the flag.

It was nice of my husband to capture the moments so I could share them with my boys and Dad’s nieces.

Wednesday was crazy. I started the morning making the dog’s food so it would get done because I knew there was a lot to do. I had Bible study group, then had to take my car in to Pep boys to have a tire replaced-long story- and lost four hours of my day! I knew I’d have choir practice that evening, so I came home, did my exercises, unloaded the dishwasher, and called to schedule the dogs for a much-needed grooming. There was more mundane details but they aren’t important. Choir practice was a mix of serious work and silly fun. We have quite a mixed bag of ages and personalities, some of the younger ones get the choir director, Patricia, kind of worked up. In my eyes, they are being rude, not giving her their full attention, but she is easy-going most of the time. I would have to put him in his place, but she lets it slide.

Today in just a few minutes, I’m joining a friend from Kevin’s church to help price kitchen items at Dad’s for the estate sale. We need to get another table, so I may have to have my brother go pick one up from my sister-in-law’s house. Tonight is date night and appropriately, it’s Cinco de Mayo! Tomorrow morning I take the dogs to be groomed.

So that’s been my week so far, in a nutshell.

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WOD Challenge 4-29-22 To Be a Terrapin

Munching on a green leaf

Falling off a log

Ducking in my shell

When people comes along

Monkeys toss me like a ball

And elephants, they scare me

Bumping into mighty walls

Terribly frustrates me

Being a little terrapin

Is hard somedays for sure

But I’ve got diamonds on my back

So I am never poor. 😊

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