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WOD Challenge 03-04-21 Birthday

Good morning and let’s welcome March as it comes in on a sunny spring note!


It’s my birthday month, and as such, I want to talk about me! Just kidding, I’m sure yall have heard enough about me! But having said that, the 12th is my birthday and I will be a sensational 60!!! What????

Yep! I intend to rock it just like any other birthday, because to me, age is just a number and it’s all about how you feel. Today, aside from a few aches in my side, I feel pretty great! I think it’s from sitting crooked in my office chair straining to see the computer and the answer key as I check my work. My chair is leaning to the left, which is weird because it’s practically new!

I think the collagen is helping my hair, and my skin a bit, but instead of ordering another canister of the stuff, I’m trying some gummies I found at Big Lots. They may do nothing, we shall see.

Today, I’m taking Dad to his neurologist for a checkup and re-evaluation of his medication that does not seem to be helping him at all. He takes a medication for Parkinson’s called Carbidova-Levidova or something like that. I’m pressed for time or I’d go look it up. Anyway, its not affecting his tremor at all, in fact, he thinks it has worsened. So off to the doctor we go after lunch.

I was inspired my another blogger to do more to help in my community, so aside from my Friday volunteer work, I’m taking the month to consider another way to help. Once the bans have truly been lifted, maybe I will visit a nursing home with my puppies to bring cheer. I’m not sure yet, that’s just one idea.

I’m also contemplating using some of my Diamond Art paintings as incentive to raise money for the PKD foundation come October. What do you think of that? My thought was to give away a painting for a $25 pledge or something along those lines.

I had more to say, but I must go now, more to come later! Have a great Thursday everyone!


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WOD Challenge 02-28-21 Stoic

If I understand the definition of stoic, then my dad is the personification of the word.

Not only did he care for my mom until the last month of her life without complaining, despite working a full-time job until he was 80, he suffers all kinds of daily pain and disability without ever complaining. In fact, he’s so bad at showing feelings or emotion, I have to constantly ask him if he is ok, does he need anything?

Part of the reason he doesn’t show emotion is the Parkinson’s itself. People with the disease are said to wear a blank mask, showing no feelings because (I guess) of the stiffening of all the muscles. Additionally, he can barely speak and his hearing is bad, even with his hearing aids. 

He does still occasionally crack a smile, if surrounded by family or while watching something funny. 
Most of the time, it’s at me when I make an unfortunate pool shot resulting in a loss for me. 🤣

He is still a kind, giving, and generous person, despite his personal situation. He always makes sure he remembers everyone’s birthdays, giving us cards and money, since he can’t go shopping himself. He tries to pay for lunch all the time, even when I tell him no, I’ve got it. I don’t want him spending his money on me, he is on a fixed income, so lots of times I insist on paying. 

I need to take lessons from him on being stoic, I’m the opposite of that if that’s possible, lol. If I’m in pain or miserable, I can’t seem to keep it to myself. The truth is, no one wants to hear that, so I will try harder to complain less! 

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WOD Challenge 02-25-21 Success!

Yesterday, Becky and I hit the stores after a yummy Thai lunch and did our level best to find Mr. Dave a birthday present. He’s a hard customer to buy for, lol. When he wants something, he just goes and gets it.

We went to a new outlet store near us called Ollie’s and Becky made out like a bandit! I found a few small things and off we went to another store. Well, we had to detour to my dad’s house to take him cards for Dave and Sean because he can’t go shopping for himself anymore, so after that we went to Academy.

The ideas we had been tossing around seemed ok, but just not quite right. An air fryer, a bunch of things related to cooking crawfish…

It was pure serendipity that I remembered he mentioned needing new running shoes and here we were in a store that sells those very things! So, I got him a pair, and a pair of Dr. Scholls inserts. and Becky got him a generous gift card from herself and Chris. She had also bought him a cool cookbook ( at Ollie’s) with recipes for an Instapot and/or an Air Fryer. So he had a good day because she also stayed and had dinner with us. We had a wonderful day together and then she stayed for dinner. Win, win!

This little account of our day is brought to you by the Word of the Day prompt. Thanks for all of you that wished Dave a happy birthday 🤗


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WOD Challenge 02-24-21 Happy Birthday!

The word of the day is theme, and the theme is BIRTHDAY at my house!!

Today is my dear hubby’s 59th birthday! He’s come a long way, and I am so proud of him and all of his accomplishments! He’s my soulmate, best friend, traveling partner, fishing buddy, father to my children, fabulous provider, all around DIY guy, and more!

Lately things have been strained for him and stress is no good! I want him to have the best birthday, no cares, relaxed and fun-filled…too bad he’s got to work today. ;(

He has never made a big deal of his birthday but I always want them to be special. Not having much money, maybe I can whip him up a fabulous dessert. I did sweep the leaves out and sort of straighten up the garage. I am more of a practical gift giver, and I tend to do helpful things in leu of fancy presents.

My soon to be daughter-in-law is coming over today to help me shop and plan for his birthday. I am looking forward to time with her!

Help me make his birthday special, if you have time, send him a happy birthday on Facebook! Look for David K. Smyth 🙂

Thanks in advance!

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WOD Challenge 02/23/21 Sobering News


So! Did anyone take advantage of my link yesterday to get the FREE newsletter from The Morning Brew? If so, I guess you saw today the very sobering news about the coronavirus toll (if those numbers can be believed) which is at half a million deaths in the US. All flags on federal property will be at half-staff to mourn the deceased.

NASDAQ and S&P are both down, but the DOW, Gold, 10-yr, and oil markets are up for those of you who monitor this sort of thing.

Speaking of sobriety, yesterday Jay-Z sold 50% stake in his champagne brand, Armand de Brignac (Ace of Spades) to LVMH to try and prove that luxury and hip-hop just naturally go together. I could care less, but maybe someone out there does. 😉

In my other newsletter I read, (1440 Daily Digest) some of that news is repeated with more detail, plus, there are many more interesting stories, news, and puzzling tidbits, like why this ‘Nyan Cat’ crypto art sold for 300 ETH which equals $560,000!!!

Now, I don’t even pretend to understand cryptocurrency but if you got in on it in the beginning, you might be wealthy by now. But are you really? Who’s to say until someone finally cashes out. I don’t understand it at all. Bitcoin, dogecoin, its all Greek to me.

Okay, I’ve been diverting myself from the real issue, which is my sobriety.

I like to drink a cocktail every once in a while but I don’t think I’m headed for alcoholism unless we don’t get back to some state of normalcy soon. I mean, man I miss my friends! I miss going places and enjoying it, which I can’t because of wearing the stupid masks. My sobriety is depending on this…jk. I’m fine. Really. If I can skip days of drinking and have a cocktail every other night, or wait a week and have one on the weekends, I’m still in control. I do look forward to date nights for our weekly Mexican meal and a margarita. 😉

I am all for things like water and energy conservation (after the week we just had made these things very important to me), and even social distancing, but can we please shed the masks now??? 

Have a sober Tuesday, y’all, and let’s get back to the business of thawing out, studying our lessons, writing scads of material, getting our yards ready for spring, de-cluttering our houses, and everything else we need to do to progress through this crazy world! Do some fun stuff too, like the craft that makes your soul happy! Oh, and don’t forget to call your folks and grand folks at least once a week. They get lonely, even if they say they are alright!! Check in on your friends too, everyone is feeling isolated right now.

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