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SoCS & W.O.T.D Challenges 10-16-21 What Would You Do?

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘if.’ Start your post with the word ‘If.’ Enjoy!”

If you saw a lady in front of Walmart, holding a cardboard sign that read, “Homeless, pregnant, help” what would you do??

That was the situation as we entered our local Walmart this morning on a quest to find Dad some new clothes. It bothered me at first, seeing the lady there and no one was helping her in any way, not talking to her, or leaving her any money.

As we were leaving, I said to my husband, “Someone should take her to a homeless shelter.” I wished we had the time to do it ourselves, and the room, but the car was full of purchases. His response was one I won’t repeat here, but as we drove away, we noticed she had a cell phone, and those aren’t cheap.

What am I to make of all this? It still bothers me, obviously, as IF I don’t have enough problems of my own, but we as a society, are getting so sick of being swindled, I think it has hardened our hearts.

I sure hope if she really needed help, she got it, even though it was plain to see, she had made many bad choices in her life.

But then, that is being kind of judgmental isn’t it. Or is it??

What would you do???

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W.O.T.D. & Halloween Challenges 10-15-21 What a Grisly Scene!

On a spooky night, the ghouls came out

To celebrate Halloween

Their eyes popped out

When they came about

A dreadfully grisly scene!

The bottom floor they visited was dark

The door had been left ajar

But when they entered

Screams let loose

To find the scene thus far

A body chained was on the floor

Its head no longer there

The clothes were ripped

From what they thought

Could possibly be a bear

It was no bear, the policeman said

That caused the horrific sight

A werewolf had been seen they said

Running into the night.

The kids just stared, their mouths agape

Disbelieving every word

Yet as they left, the goosebumps broke

As more howling could be heard

Pairing off, they ran for home

Before it could come get them

And since that night, they’ve never entered

Another dark house on a whim.

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W.O.T.D 10-13-21 Circle of Friends

Last night, in the middle of dinner, our dogs alerted us to someone at the door. It was my sweet neighbor, Peggy with a gift of a decorated pumpkin!

Beautiful painted pumpkin.

She left a brochure, and when I looked at it later, I learned the pumpkin was created by volunteers (of which her daughter is one) at the North Texas Circle of Friends who create and sell these pumpkins as part of a fundraiser to help kids with cancer! Isn’t that fabulous?

I went to their website to read all about the 501(c)3 organization, looking to see if they matched contributions or anything, but found instead this picture on their website of all the members wearing matching hats! Too cute!

Circle of Friends Members

I was so blessed to recieve one of these gorgeous pumpkins, knowing that it also went to a good cause. Bless you, Peggy and your daughter too!

If you would like to learn more about Circle of Friends, or purchase a raffle ticket to win a Thanksgiving pumpkin, go to http://www.ntcircleoffriends.com. and go to the fundraiser section. I thought this was such a wonderful idea, I wanted to share for my friend and her daughter. If I had time, I would go volunteer myself!!

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WOD & Halloween Challenges

The girls let out a bloodcurdling scream when they saw the two frogs sitting on a leaf in the pond. The frogs looked on like ”What’s the matter with them? Here we are just chatting and minding our own business.” The girl’s brothers Tad and Tim came running, thinking the girls had been attacked or something. When they saw it was only some sweet looking frogs, they laughed and told them not to be so silly. When they all left, the frogs looked at each other and said, “Wait until those girls find us under their pillow tonight!”