I Don’t Quilt But I Do Other Crafts

Today’s Word of the Day Challenge word prompt is quilt. I could swear we did that one recently, but I will do it again…only different this time.

I don’t know how to quilt, I can’t sew a straight line to save my life, but I do work on other crafts. I have done macramé, I have tried my hand at crochet. I have made jewelry, shell crafts, and now I’m into diamond art, I love it! Those that have heard me talk about are probably sick of hearing how much I love it.

My eyes and hands are not as strong as they used to be, and my time is limited these days, so that’s why I stick to DA as my craft. I can fit an hour in, while at the same time watching an episode of something on Hulu or Netflix, or, I can listen to an audiobook. Lately, I have preferred shows, I just finished season one of Barkskins and I can’t wait for more. This morning I started Top of the Lake and it looks fabulous as well! I feel guilty for not writing more, but I also get a lot of pleasure from this so I’m taking it. We have to have our little pleasures in life. Plus, if there is a book associated with a show I like, I usually read it after, that way I can visualize the characters even better! So, it also encourages more reading (as if I don’ already read enough!!!)

Yesterday was Father’s Day. I enjoyed the day, though I was in pain for most of it; dang UTI’s and my stupid, arthritis in my knee. Grrrrr. Today I gave a sample to the lab so my kidney dr. will put me on the appropriate meds if necessary. Of course, they won’t get the results back until Friday because he ordered a culture, so I will take OTC meds and flush with tons of water in the meantime. I even remembered to snap a few pics!! Dad and Dave opening gifts and cards, the boys Sean, Chris and his girl Becky in the background.

Saturday, after some errands, we drove out to the DFW National Cemetery to visit Dave’s parents and my mom. It was a short, somber visit, I’m sorry but I don’t get much out of those visits, I just do it out of respect. It is a beautiful place, but looking at a stone marker (our parents were cremated) does nothing for me. I feel guilty about that, but I’m just being honest. I would rather remember my loved ones as they were in life, so my preference is looking at picturesand recalling stories. I do miss all the folks who have gone from my life, there are so many. I pray we are all united in Heaven someday. How do y’all feel about visiting the cemetery?

My moms marker, Dad will go there when his time comes.



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4 thoughts on “I Don’t Quilt But I Do Other Crafts

  1. I completely understand, and feel the same way you do. I have tons of remembrances of my loved ones around me whether it would be from a movie that we saw together, a song I heard, a picture I have, a meal we shared, something that triggers an emotion inside of me. Those are the things that make me remember them for who they were. I was really close growing up with my grandparents on my mom’s side, and I think I was probably 25 the last time I went to see their headstones. They both passed when I was a teenager. I feel guilty for not going to visit their headstones bowl at the same time there are memories in my house and in my heart of them. It is way too difficult to go to a cemetery being in a wheelchair. When we go to the Tulsa (twice a year maybe) we have visited mom’s grave each time, but I think it is because it is a new thing for us but I am sure that it will not always be that way. I will get older and not be going up that much, and I have times the memories of her here. Eating diet a necklace with her ashes in it that is hanging on my wall (one of fear of losing them, and because I am hard on jewelry). It is perfect where it is!

    I absolutely love the DA a you gave to me!

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    • Aww, you’re so welcome! I hoe your dad had a good Fathers Day, and yes, we feel the same way. I have been busy on my new one, can’t wait to have it done and show you!


  2. I enjoyed your Father’s Day pictures! I Hope your UTI clears up soon. I heard cranberry juice and or supplements help but I honestly don’t know. I want to learn how to quilt but I don’t have time, that and I taught my daughter to sew and she broke my sewing machine. I used to sell crochet on Etsy. I like making jewelry as well! Have a great rest of your week and feel better

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