Moveable Parts-Word of the Day Challenge 7-15-20

Feliz Mercoles everyone and how is your Wednesday shaping up?

Mine started out same as every day this week, with Spanish lessons, grammar lessons, emails, and working on my typing tutor. I have lost the new one I downloaded, so I’m just working with the old one I started with-Typing.com.

My days are filled with many moveable parts. I have family obligations, studying to do, housework, writing when I can, crafting when I can, and so much more. Vacation is getting closer, and I’m trying to cram in as much as possible before we go, though truth be known, I’ll probably bring my laptop, so I can study, blog, or whatever during downtimes.

I’ll probably bring my DA project as well, and maybe Becky will help me work on it. I have multiple daubers and trays, so she can help and learn a new craft at the same time! She’s a pretty crafty person herself. Oh, and you KNOW I’ll be bringing Quirkle! hahaha

Yesterday, I did all my normal stuff here at the house, then went to Dad’s and Kevin and I took him to lunch, then I took him to the dermatologist, (which went fine) then we went to Kroger for his weekly fix of fruit, yogurt, juice, ice cream, and cookies. Hey, at least he’s a sugar-free cookie monster!

Then I helped him change his sheets, fold his laundry, wash his old sheets, change the battery in his hearing aid, put his groceries away, and by that time I was tired and sweaty. I got my knee injection yesterday, but it wasn’t hurting, I think it was kind of hot in Dad’s house. Anyway, I didn’t stay to play pool because I was tired and still had more to do at home to get ready for dinner and study more typing. I am averaging about 31 wpm with 97% accuracy, nowhere near what I need for transcription. But I will get there with more practice.

I like to listen to Binaural Beats music to study by when I’m typing, or studying things that need focus and deep concentration. You should try it! Just look for Binaural Beats on youtube, there are many styles to choose from.

OK! Well, I’m off to shower and try to cool down before I get to the difficult studies for today. I hope you all have a great Wednesday, try to stay cool, and hold off on the tasty beverages, no matter how tempting, until after 5 if possible. I realize it’s five o’clock somewhere, but unless you are in vacation mode, it’s probably not a good habit to start! Stay stress-free my friends!

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2 thoughts on “Moveable Parts-Word of the Day Challenge 7-15-20

  1. Glad your dad’s dermatologist appt. went well! You made me tired just listening to what all you did for him that day! I hope the shot is doing or will be doing its job. How long will you be on vacation? Talk to you soon you studying demon!

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  2. Thanks, yeah, he had to get a few places zapped as usual, but I liked his dr because he didn’t try to sell him on anything else. Or look at me like I am a piece of steak. Dave had one down in Groves that stared at me the whole time, like he wanted to get his hands on me and all my flaws, lol.
    What I do for Dad, I do every week. I just got tired and hot yesterday for some reason, but then again, I’ve been getting up at the crack of dawn to get what I need to do done before I go over there. I cut my nails today, and the typing is much easier now! My transcription practice was pretty ugly, but I’ll keep working on it!

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