Near Giddy-Word of the Day Challenge-7-16-20

Feliz Jueves!

I’m near giddy now that vacation is so close! I submitted a couple of my pictures to Back Roads of Texas group on Facebook that were well-received, so I’m hoping to take more good ones if I can sneak out a couple of mornings while we are there.

Still trying to get as much accomplished as possible, haven’t even started packing yet, maybe tomorrow.

Spanish and Grammar studies are going well. Not so much with typing and transcription lessons, but I will get there. Typing practice after this.

Halfway done with latest Diamond Art project, I found I get more done listening to music or an eBook because i don’t have to keep looking up from the project. 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful week next week, and a great weekend too, I will catch up when I can!

Peace out, peeps!!


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2 thoughts on “Near Giddy-Word of the Day Challenge-7-16-20

  1. I have always wondered how you were able to multitask with your DA while watching Netflix or something like that! My focus would have to rely on the DA and nothing I have to watch unless it was something I had seen over and over! Unless I am listening to my book when laying down I can play solitaire or a nether card game and listen to music or listen to my book! I am so impressed with myself when I can multitask like that! I am usually doing good to do only one thing at a time. Good for you to be halfway done with your DA!!

    Congratulations on getting your pictures posted on FB! Looking for great war pictures from you this coming weekend. How long will you be gone for? Is Josh going to watch your fur babies? How is your knee feeling? Have lots of fun and I will see you when you get back!!

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    • Yes, actually, Josh and Kevin will be watching the fur babies, I’m hoping Josh starts a new job on Monday. Sean now has two, one driving pizza and another driving parts for PDQ. My knee feels better after getting the shot, I’m so glad I did it now! Thanks and I will! See you when I get back, watch for pictures! 😊😘


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