What the Heck is Codswallop Anyway?

Good grief where do the prompt Gods come up with these words, lol? So today’s word of the day prompt is codswallop. 

I guess that is a nonsensical bunch of words put together or some such bollocks. Thanks to Mel for this new word I had to look up.

Sometimes on Medium, we have a poem prompt like this that we have to write. It is challenging to say the least to come up with a poem so silly because it makes no sense.

Well, I guess my study is over for today, I did my Spanish, grammar, typing lessons and now I’ve produced a nonsensical blog post. My work is done, lol. Off to my dad’s for lunch and whatever else we can think of to occupy some time together.

His patches for the tremor do not seem to be working just yet. I am watching all the side effects that are coming with this medicine, including sleepiness, unsteady gait, and he seems to be listing to one side worse than before. Yet he still is managing his medicine and his finances ok so far.

I would think of a limerick but I don’t think I can rhyme codswallop with anything, lol.

You all have a good Tuesday, it’s Shark Week you know, and also the new season of Deadliest Catch is in full swing and that is what we normally watch on Tuesdays here lately. I finished my latest Hulu show and I’m catching back up on Good Girls because I missed a season.

I found a good study “music” on YouTube, that features storms and soft jazz in the background, or a coffee shop with soft jazz-both seem to be good for when I do my typing lessons. You should try it sometime!


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One thought on “What the Heck is Codswallop Anyway?

  1. KC says:

    Oh, Wow!! Thanks for the YT music tip. I couldn’t even wait…I had to check it out before commenting here! Thanks.
    I hope your dad is doing better. It’s hard to know if SE out-weigh the treatment for the original symptom. Good luck.

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