Uncanny-WOD Challenge-8-16-20

Oh, the horror!

I was just checking the Reader in WordPress and couldn’t find any of my posts, and I went back to the beginning of July! This uncanny observance has me puzzled! What’s going on, and how do I fix it?

Any assistance or advice on this problem will be appreciated! It’s been a weekend full of technical difficulties for me anyway, why should this be any different? Friday, I could not get Word to open, therefore, I couldn’t practice my transcription videos. Then yesterday, I got Word to open (thanks to my husband) and discovered the trial period of my FTW softwares had ended, requiring me to purchase it. No problem, I thought, I’ll just whip out my credit card and get er done.

Nope, when I attempted this, I ran into a problem on their webpage and couldn’t put my phone number in. Dave came to the rescue again, locking the numbers key and that fixed it. I managed to get the software purchased and my recorder started working again. But….then when I went to my homework folder, opened the page with my last practice so I could sent the file to my instructor if necessary, nothing was there! Ugh! Another mystery to figure out. I’m starting to wonder if I am tech savvy enough to do this!

Not giving in or giving up yet, I am determined to figure all this out, yet even with daily practice, my typing speed has not improved much. Am I slow? Or does it really take more than a month to get faster and better at touch typing? Am I being hard on myself? Or am I just impatient? Regardless, I will keep on practicing, I assure you!

I did take a break over the weekend, we had friends over for the first time since all this Plandemic started Friday night, we had so much fun! We played pool all night, listening to music, and Josh tagged in, taking the winner on different teams each time. So all five of us managed to play. It was delightful to see Michelle and Kerry again, get caught up on all that’s happening in each other’s world, and share a meal and some fun with them.

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend, today we will have Sunday dinner for the family, so ours will finish on a great note, I’m sure! Steaks, taters and salad are on the menu, maybe someone will bring a dessert, or maybe I’ll whip out my mixer and make us all a pudding pie or something. (Sugar free of course)!


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