WOD Challenge 10-21-20 Elect

With the election season so near, I truly hope the best candidate is elected to bring us all out of this horrible year and into a brighter tomorrow! I hate politics, I’m super sick of all the negative campaign ads and mud slinging. Let’s get it over with for the love of chocolate, and get back to business please!!! I don’t even like talking about politics, I am a Conservative and that is all I’ll say. I think that my choice even fits with my normal personality, I don’t like confrontation, or arguments. Let’s elect the most capable candidate, the man who will get things done, the person that fights fair and has the most experience in business and negotiations.

Okay, let’s talk about something else, like this problem I’m having with my iPad. When I try to open my mail, it is not opening onto a full page like normal, its opening in a sidebar, no matter how many times I clear my pages, update my settings, or toss out my trash. Nothing is working, can someone suggest a solution? Maybe I can show you a screen shot so you see what I’m talking about.

Thanks in advance and feliz mercoles everyone!

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