The Plot Thickens WOD Challenge 11-15-20

I almost forgot to blog today, then realized I promised an update and possibly a video of more damage. Looking at the video earlier however, I realized that what I got was mainly piles of wood, trees, and debris alongside the road as people cleaned up their yards and businesses. You don’t care about seeing that do you?

The update is good! My uncle was feeling much better today and the plan is to keep him a few more days while they do some physical therapy, they wheeled him outside for some Vit D and Tammie sent us a picture of the two of them smiling like they were on a date or something 😃 He will be looking for a place in Lucedale to do his dialysis, and should be fine once he regains some strength! I’m so happy to know the good news! Seeing him smile made my morning and between my cousin Andrea and me, we updated everyone here and there about the news.

Let me tell you a bit about who all I got to visit with while we were there. Edie, my cousin housed and fed us, catering to our every whim. I could not be more appreciative and plan to stay in touch even more than I was before. I think she loved having us there as much as we loved being there. We shared many great moments, played some killer scrabble games, and even did a little target shooting out behind her property.

The peanut fields behind Edie’s property and a pretty sunset

My brother and Edie taking their turns shooting different weapons. I think we needed to be closer to the target, lol. And let me tell you something else…noise canceling headphones do not work on me. I shot her late husband’s cannon of a gun and the sound went wonky in my right ear immediately! I couldn’t hear right for hours after, lol. There was hardly any kick though, I was shocked! Then I sustained an injury shooting my brothers tiny gun (a 45 I think) when it kicked and took the hide off my thumb knuckle. It still hurts 4 days after the fact!

I guess I bruised the knuckle. Anyway, great fun in the peanut field and my dad even joined us-just as a spectator of course. Kevin also introduced her to his favorite snack—Pop Secret Homestyle Popcorn with coconut oil sprayed on while its hot. Omg, that stuff is the bomb! She said he started something there, lol! She was having a batch when we called last night to update her on Tony’s progress.

She took us to see our cousin Glenn, and the next day my cousin Rosa drove in to meet us for lunch all the way from her home in Alabama. Don’t tell my sisters I was in Mississippi, they will be mad! There was not enough time anyway to go to Gulfport or Alabama. It was no plot to see all my cousins while I was there, I’m so blessed that I was able to though.

While trying to see Uncle Tony that first time I got to see two of his children, several of his grandchildren and one of his kids wife who was there all the way from Virginia. The other daughter I missed by 30 minutes because she had to fly back to Michigan after being away from home and work for two weeks.

And last but not least, my sweet MaryKate, Edie’s sister and her husband Buddy came to Edie’s almost every day we were there. She is also a mean scrabble player and Buddy can tell tales like nobody’s business! I can’t wait to get permission to share photos with you, I have the best family! I especially want you to see Uncle Tony’s smiling face now that he is better in body and spirit. He looks fabulous for a man who thought he was on the way out just a week ago. God is good, and I appreciate all the prayers from friends and family. 🤗❤️

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