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SoCS 03-13-21 Reflections

Linda prompts us with “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “day/week/month/year.” Use one, use them all, use them any way you’d like. OEnjoy!” She also makes a suggestion to “Basically, talk about your last year is what I’m saying …”

I don’t need to go into how horrible last year was for everyone, how no family was unaffected by the pandemic in one way or another. What is different is the way we all handled it. For me, the first week was scary and confusing, until I realized what was going on. Once I knew I would not be a danger to my dad, which took about a week or two, life resumed as normal for me except that lots of places were closed and we were forced to wear a mask everywhere we went in public.
I think it was about this time last year when my husband came home with a few more groceries than usual, “in case we got holed up for several weeks.” I was still in disbelief that that would happen, but I had no idea the craziness that was about to ensue. People went nuts, hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer couldn’t be found with a search warrant. Now, it’s everywhere in every size and shape imaginable. I was pissed about the mask thing from day one, and still feel the same way. I won’t go into it again, I’ve covered all that before.
Of course the trickle down effect was awful, as stores dried up and businesses were forced to close. I feared more for the economy than my family’s safety. We have all stayed healthy (at least from COVID) except for a couple of times my brother was exposed and so he stayed home the recommended amount of time. I must have a fabulous immune system because finally, at the super bowl get together I attended this year, I was exposed to a couple that later announced they were positive for the virus. I remained well. As did my husband, thank God. I still didn’t go around my Dad for a few days, because through it all, he is the only one I’ve been scared to have anything happen to because of his age and his heart.

My husband never missed a day of work, because working for the City, he is considered essential. Especially as a leader. Not going to lie, as far as his workplace goes, it was a rough year. Several people were out off and on because of exposure or actually having the virus. One person with very bad underlying issues passed away, just as we thought he was making a comeback. People quit, people got fired, all normal occurrences, yet during this time, it caused much stress.
Through it all, we remained strong, I took my dad everywhere he needed to go, we just had to wear a mask. We never holed up in our house, afraid to come out, see our families, but most of our friends either did, or were busy with their own families, because I have seen very few friends since all of this started. People with new babies or aging parents like mine stayed isolated. We refused to be scared into that kind of behavior. My dad is in his 80’s with Parkinson’s and other issues, but that did not stop me from visiting him several times a week, except for the time I was exposed and the very beginning of the pandemic. He texted me that when he was in the Navy, the flu made its rounds through the ship he was on, but he never got sick. We are truly blessed!
Today, the mask order has been lifted and businesses have been allowed to operate at 100%. Lucky for me, on my birthday weekend, because we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant tonight and it was once again hopping with people. The Stockyards in Ft Worth is a busy place, but last year it looked like a ghost town. Tonight, the streets were packed to celebrate St Patrick’s Day early. Los Vaqueros was once again the party atmosphere it’s always been, and I for one, am thrilled. Our economy needs the boost, and people are happy to see a return to normalcy!

I was lucky enough to conduct life as mostly usual, and here are some highlights in pictures from 2020.


May 29, 2020 My friend Stephanie, her caregiver, Christina and I parasailing in Port Aransas

July 23, 2020 Dave, me, Becky and youngest son, Chris on summer vacation in Port Aransas

Oct. 25, 2020 Celebrating my dad and my youngest son, Chris’s birthdays. Unfortunately, Chris had to work.

Nov 10, 2020 Impromptu trip to Mississippi to visit my Uncle Tony who passed shortly after we left from PKD and heart failure. He is not pictured here. He was in the hospital and we were not allowed to visit.

We also celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas as usual. I’m happy to report that none of these gatherings resulted in any one of us contracting the virus, and there have been many more because my family is close and gets together often. Had we let fear rule, none of this would have been possible. Again, I recognize and thank God for all of our blessings. 🙏


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