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SoCS 04-03-21 Who is Turning 4?

Who is turning four today? My friend Chasity’s boy, Weston that’s who! Going to his party today by myself feels a bit awkward, since my son no longer dates Chasity, but I’m going for Weston, because he is a sweet boy, and Chasity is my friend. I also had some stuff to bring her that she left here and now I have to go, running late!

I’ll take pics and share back here later. I know this is supposed to be Stream of Consciousness, but I’m doing things my way today!

Someone got a sweet bunny!
and a cool bounce house that the big boys also played in
What an awesome cake!
Weston, the birthday boy himself
he even got a teepee!

Who had a super birthday? I’m pretty sure Weston and the whole family enjoyed themselves and I did too! I ate all the bad things, visited with everyone, played with Weston and loved on the bunny. I may have helped them name her, they will call her Bella for beautiful 🤩

There was more pics, but I will edit them and show you later. She lives an hour away and is talking about moving even further away, all the way out to Leonard. I’m glad I went, because it will probably be a long time before I see them again. ☺️ She was so very sweet to invite me after what transpired between her and my son, but life has to move on, and I think she’s finally ready!


One thought on “SoCS 04-03-21 Who is Turning 4?

  1. We have gained so many SOs of my kids who are still friends, if not adopted members of the family. I’m so happy we aren’t the only ones finding exes as buddies.

    Sorry yours are moving farther away.

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