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SoCS 04-03-21 Who is Turning 4?

Who is turning four today? My friend Chasity’s boy, Weston that’s who! Going to his party today by myself feels a bit awkward, since my son no longer dates Chasity, but I’m going for Weston, because he is a sweet boy, and Chasity is my friend. I also had some stuff to bring her that she left here and now I have to go, running late!

I’ll take pics and share back here later. I know this is supposed to be Stream of Consciousness, but I’m doing things my way today!

Someone got a sweet bunny!
and a cool bounce house that the big boys also played in
What an awesome cake!
Weston, the birthday boy himself
he even got a teepee!

Who had a super birthday? I’m pretty sure Weston and the whole family enjoyed themselves and I did too! I ate all the bad things, visited with everyone, played with Weston and loved on the bunny. I may have helped them name her, they will call her Bella for beautiful 🤩

There was more pics, but I will edit them and show you later. She lives an hour away and is talking about moving even further away, all the way out to Leonard. I’m glad I went, because it will probably be a long time before I see them again. ☺️ She was so very sweet to invite me after what transpired between her and my son, but life has to move on, and I think she’s finally ready!


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