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WOD Challenge 04-04-21 Kiss of Death

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Well, it may be Easter, but it’s also the kiss of death to my diet this week. 💋

Yesterday, I ate like I’ve never been on Paleo, or Keto diets for that matter. I noshed on the same thing everyone else did at the birthday party, pizza, ice cream and cake, and topped it off with another slice of pizza that David made when I got home. What am I thinking???

I’ve clearly lost my mind, ignoring all the inevitable ramifications. I just know I’m going to end up with a yeast infection after all that bread and sugar. Yet, remembering how good food tastes again is intoxicating. Why don’t I just reach in the cabinet for one of Dave’s malt balls while I’m at it? It’s all shot anyway, right?!


I will get back on track, I have to! I’ve gained around 10-15 pounds this last year, and in the last week or so, I have not even tried to stick to my diet, except here and there, and that’s not gonna cut it folks.

Besides wanting to get bikini-ready, (yes, I still do when I’m not so fat sport a bikini) it’s my health that will start to suffer. Like I said, yeast infections, sluggishness, fatigue, brain fog, and sugar is as addictive as heroin. HEROIN!! Can you believe that? Try to kick it if you don’t believe me. I can’t find the article I read that said that, in fact, all the articles I did find say that’s bs, so I’ll just say for ME, sugar is an addiction.

Not svelte, but ok. Me back in 2018.

There are no Easter eggs, peeps, chocolate-peanut butter eggs, malt ball eggs, or even dyed boiled eggs around here today, but here is what IS on the menu: Ham, Hassleback potatoes, home made cabbage rolls, salad, and for dessert, brownies and ice cream. Ugh! This is what is so difficult about staying on a diet for me. I would have to miss out on all of that and make a completely different meal for myself, instead of everyone else getting on the bandwagon with me.

But I can, and I will, when I’m ready again. Might be tomorrow, might be next week. Like a smoker, drinker, or pill-popper, I will quit when I’m ready, and I have to get in the right frame of mind (or go stand naked in front of the mirror) to start the diet again.

I will study, I will make deals with myself, use apps, and start a real walking program, just like I did before, to get myself in the right mindset, and then just like that, I will be back on track, losing weight and feeling great. I want to feel great again. Confident. Sexy. Secure in my own skin.

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy your dinners whatever they are, enjoy your family, and I hope everyone was able to be in person at church today like we were, even though we had to wear a stupid mask and be separated by six feet in the pews. It was glorious! ✝️💕🤗

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7 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 04-04-21 Kiss of Death

  1. I bet you are back on track by now. Pizza would be my downfall. Thanksgiving and Easter are easiest for me. I don’t like most of the sugary eggs (jelly beans-especially black ones I do like). I don’t do Turkey or ham. When grandmothers asked what I wanted I’d order grill cheese sandwiches. I hated Easter egg hunts. I liked coloring the eggs for others.
    Glad you had a wonderful Easter.

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